Gandalf Calls Out Dumbledore’s Gayness During Wizardly Rap Battle

With the Harry Potter films over, Dumbledore has risen from the dead (oh, spoiler alert?) to fight one last epic battle against Brian Brown Gandalf the Grey from The Lord of the Rings. The cinematic Gandalf got played by openly-gay actor (and occasional hobo) Ian McKellen, but in this video Gandalf isn’t above delivering a low-blow about Dumbledore’s ass being like Gringott’s Goblin Bank.

However, Dumbledore’s not shy about his love of wizards, he’s ready to duel, and… is Gilderoy Lockhart Dumbledore’s boyfriend? Oh Albus, Lockhart is a vain literary-fraud! You could do so much better! Severus is gonna be so hurt.

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