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  • todd


  • hoodiehoo

    They’ve already changed it to OMIGOSH, pussies, the Christian right wins again

  • Woof

    Gag me with a spoooooooon.

  • Jefforl

    Everyone that reads this should right to TV Land and tell them how dissapointed that they changed the name. Backdown to the ass of an assoc.!!!!!!!!!

  • emb

    Weird that the fundy wackjobs (whether christian or muslim) are so confident in the omnipotence of their various deities, yet so easily offended and horrified on its behalf by the slightest perceived indignity. If they were really confident in their faith (a contradiction, I suppose), they wouldn’t care what TVLand did.

  • jdéxy

    Reminds me of the over the top reaction of SOME radical sections of muslim society to the Danish cartoons a couple of years ago.

    Way to go christian fundamentalists! Ur in great company!

  • mister

    fuck me gently with a chainsaw

  • l

    When did the Christians trademark the word “God”. Maybe TVland ain’t talkin’ bout their god. I know that Ganesh is for sure a freak for that ’80s crap.

  • M Shane

    The difference between these Christian freaks and Muslims is that radical muslimism only came about more recently with Wahabism (Saudi Arabia) and Qutab(sp?) in Egypt.
    These Christian nutjobs have been around for a while. In fact western history is repleat with different christians barbequeing each other on spits.
    I never recall before being attacked on the street to the point where I just had to be rude and sarcastic on a regular basis.
    Bush and crew gave them ascendancy. %78 of them voted for that fuck.

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