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  • Alex

    Pic 4… guy on the left is dreamy.

  • Motard

    I swear I got herpes just by flipping through that gallery.

    BRB, gettin’ tested.

  • rascal

    @Alex: In my opinion, he looks like a big doofus from the Deep South who couldn’t string two words together. To each his own….

  • Tony

    A-list?? Premiere?? That looks like one of our office parties from work.

  • Ray

    So basically they are adding a fag hag to the show.

  • Jon Tom

    Can’t sit through one episode. This shows is just gross! Complete rubbish…

  • QJ201

    Mike Ruiz is so dreamy when he’s not cracked out.

  • TheRealMannequinAdam

    Between the vacuous other posts and this one, I’m truly to the point where I think it’s time to move on from Queerty. I’ll be checking out other blogs from now on. I’m dissatisfied with the discussions here, and this post was the straw that broke the camel’s back.

    Giving any coverage to this show is absolutely inexcusable.

  • timothy

    LOL at Tony
    But wait who is actually watching this show…

  • Fitz

    Anyone who would watch this is an untouchable douche.

  • Ted B. (Charging Rhino)

    Gay train-wreck or not. I’m just not going to watch, I just can’t after Season-one.

    They aren’t A-Listers.
    They aren’t funny.
    They aren’t hot. (Which otherwise would forgive many sins.)
    And, compared to the “House Porn” of Royal Pains, their digs are the pits.

  • xander

    Fitz, if the word ‘undoucheable’ doesn’t exist yet, you made a good case for creating it, and it applies to this show.

  • PiOhPah

    They certainly aren’t A-Listers in any world, but calling the show “Living Hemorrhoids: The Bottom of the Barrel in Gay “Culture”” probably wouldn’t get a lot of viewers. I’m surprised shows like this don’t cause an uptick in gay teen suicides and people entering ex-gay therapy. Imagine if you turned on the TV and seeing these creatures and thinking that is what being gay entails. I would have killed myself or been cured rather than entertain the idea of that.

  • Mike

    A-List Gays: New York City already has a tall, manly, bitchy caricature on reality TV. Her name is LuAnn de Lesseps. Chic c’est la vie!

  • Thom Freeheart

    Derek is the only reason that I watch the show. If you’re reading this, Derek… please don’t change a thing.

  • randy

    @rascal: Perhaps, but he can wrap his arm around me anytime.

  • George412

    Doesn’t look like a very big turn out for the “premiere”. That new cast members wig is atrocious. She sells wigs?

  • neil

    the part looks as dull as the show

  • Eminent Victorian

    In the interest of full-disclosure, Queerty, were you paid by the show to post this?

  • neil

    though reichen’s new friend is quite good looking.

  • Kirk212

    Sadder than this programs ‘stars’ or content are those viewers that would waste precious minutes of their week watching something so staged and tragic. Go volunteer or something. This is pathetic but it is Logo, a pathetic excuse for a network – cannot believe it’s the ‘gay’ network, we deserve better. Oh yes, we have Bravo.

  • Toferdavid

    I enjoy the show

  • Scott Gatz

    @Eminent Victorian: for the record Queerty was not paid for this post. (however you will see ads for the show on the site). It seems that this show kicks up people’s emotions like nothing else – and maybe there’s something to be said about that (more comments on this post than many others).

    @TheRealMannequinAdam: I hope we don’t lose you here. Not every post will be for everyone, but for whatever reason, this show gets a big audience, so it’s probably gonna get talked about on here.

  • Thom Freeheart

    Some of you guys need to lighten up. It’s just a show. It’s fun. The guys are bitchy and superficial. Just like us.

  • George412

    @Scott Gatz:

    “big audience”??!?!?! I guess you don’t know much about ratings. For Logo it gets decent numbers, but if it it were on any other network it would be cancelled. At its peak it gets about a half million viewers. Shows on Bravo, TLC, MTV, etc. get double that and still get cancelled. Daytime soaps are getting cancelled and they get 5 times the number of viewers. Logo doesn’t have any hits so a show like this is better than nothing for them.

  • TJ

    Will Reichen be masturbating for us in this season, then lying about it?

  • DD

    You guys are funny. LOL

  • Jonathan

    @Kirk212: I completely agree!

  • Jonathan

    @PiOhPah: Brilliant!! The very worst stereotypes exploited for money….nothing but money.

  • Jonathan

    @Thom Freeheart: Its not just a show and what it says and the people it promotes matter for the entire GLBT community nationwide.

  • Thom Freeheart

    @Jonathan: I don’t think the breeders are watching.

  • Jock

    Miserable gay stereotypes promoted as us? I think not. Let’s hope a bully finds them all…

  • Swimmer

    I dunno what you folks think A list is – but this is no A list. Maybe “The Misfits” would be more inline with their take on gay life. These people make the housewife series seem like fine tour de force cinema. Get real A list gays – Hormel heirs, Anderson Cooper (vanderbilt family) those type of gays…..

  • gregger

    Let’s see how quickly it devolves into the cluster fuck it deserves to be.

  • funny

    LOGO appreciates ALL the comments – keep them coming. We realize many hate the show but you’ll end up watching even though denials are made b/c the ratings reports show otherwise. While the cast may seem stereotypical, ironically what they give is exactly what is given in these comments. Perhaps it’s the fact that the gays commenting don’t want it out in the open for the same way they act with bitchiness, etc.

  • ousslander

    wtch the show the show just to hate on and laugh at the em. also makes me feel better about myself.

  • gregger

    @funny: Not really, I don’t invite people like this into my homes so why would I watch them on my tv. I keep my distance from the majority of them in the social world. When forced to deal with them in my professional life I keep it professional. I’ve had to deal with Reichen, once. The less said the better.

  • Ronbo

    Isn’t all of Bravo! just a set-up of rich people who demand that poor people serve them with some type of service? Millionaire Designers. Millionaire Matchmakers. Real Housewives of Whore-er. Flipping Out. Platinum Hits. Rocco’s Dinner Party. Rachel Zoe. Etc….

    If you are a rich asshole willing to shit on poor contestants, Bravo! has a job for you.

  • Ronbo

    Sorry – I confused LOGO with Bravo! Oh, just more pretentious assholes parading their low moral fiber and fake bodies around. I just got an email from Rupaul’s dragulicious drag-u-correct-u-now-n-later-ate-er – I’m approved to write a segemet of their show!!! It’s going to be a rich gay man who wants to marry an empty, but physically fit smarmy queeny masculine-ish loser. I’ve got a list of 12 willing subjects from the A-List!

  • timothy

    I have not and will not ever watch this show. I do like Rupaul’s drag race tho and I used to watch the QAF reruns but I don’t know what happened to those…

  • Afro Boricua

    I can’t deal with these white Queens on this show. ‘In Between Men’ is a much better show with masculine men, although they too are all white.

  • Improbable

    I watched this show once and was embarassed to be gay.

  • Improbable

    ps. the man can’t sing for the life of himself.

  • JoeyO'H

    You have such negative energy here. You’re confrontational with many posters here. Why can’t you just have discussions here without getting nasty and negative? I get a vibe from your posts that you’re an unhappy person. As Auntie Mame would say, “Live! Live! Live!” Just have fun!

  • JoeyO'H

    And by the way, the A-List is fun. It’s entertaining to watch these guys backstab, dish, and argue. Is is stereotypical? Yes. But it’s all fun. I’ll TiVo it.

  • gregger

    @JoeyO’H: I’d rather drink bleach.

  • JoeyO'H


    LOL! Add a little cranbury for taste… just kidding. I know many of my friends feel the same way as you do. However, this season (the cast) could easily get on my nerves rather quickly and could turn me off from watching the rest of the season.

  • Miguel Valenzuela

    my god. I rather watch Ian Bernardo battle his personal demons on camera for an hour than watch this piece of crap. And I HATE Ian Bernardo. So that is saying something.

  • mike

    How come I cannot find any in-depth info on this Nyasha where she was born..raised..parents…schools…,

  • Ray Sharradh

    Logo has done more damage to the image and self-respect of the gay community than a thousand Rush Limbaughs and Republicans Parties EVERY could.

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