One of Jose Sucuzhanay’s Killers Faces 40 Years. But Got Off on Hate Crime Charge

Hakim Scott, 26, accused of the savage murder of Jose Sucuzhanay in December 2008, was convicted yesterday of manslaughter and faces 40 years in prison. He was found not guilty of murder and hate crime charges — prosecutors had alleged Scott believed the victim was gay, after seeing him walking late at night huddled close to his brother. Scott’s alleged co-conspirator Keith Phoenix, who was videotaped at a toll booth laughing about the crime not 20 minutes later, will soon learn his fate.

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  • scott ny'er

    What a dirtbag. I wonder how many years he really will get. With good behavior or whatever does this dirtbag get out early or really have to serve 40 years.

    Besides, prison is just a place for thugs like this to build stronger muscles and become more hateful. How many prisoners really become reformed? Maybe if we went back to chain-gangs or some other form or punishment, prisoners wouldn’t come out tougher and harder.


    That Blackman needs hanging! Send him to the depths!

  • ossurworld

    Scott will be out on parole in a year.

  • t money

    why not murder? thats ridiculous!

  • The ATL Boy

    Actually, he will not be out on parole. This news story got national media attention, and beyond that, 40 years is not something that gets you out soon. Realistically, his lifes done. That’s what you get for being a monster in society.

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