Oprah Still Hiding Love Affair With Gayle King, Insists America’s Most Trusted News Source

What better way to celebrate the launch of Oprah Winfrey‘s OWN television network than with a front page tabloid cover insisting the talk show queen once again lied about her lesbian relationship with Gayle King? Drumming up old history, the National Enquirer isn’t letting a few tears shed for Barbara Walters get in the way of THE REAL TRUTH: “Inside sources reveal that behind closed doors the two women live a lesbian lifestyle – sleeping together in the same bed and vowing to love each other unconditionally for the rest of their lives. Both washed their hands of men years ago, insiders say, with Oprah callously betraying her former fiance Stedman Graham to nurture her relationship with Gayle. What’s more, sources say the wealthy and powerful talk-show queen has used payoffs, bribes and outright lies to keep America from learning her secrets.” Well now I know the first question I’m gonna ask Oprah’s all-stars.