Overzealous Shaving Could Raise Risk Of STIs By 440%, Study Says

Tip 2: If you’re hairy, the main question you need to ask yourself is: what am I willing to shave?

Why are guys sill opting for removing all their body hair? Mounting evidence shows that it is dumb, and also hazardous to your health.

A new study indicates that when you wax down there, you could be 440% more likely to get an STI. The interpretation here that trimming is universally a bad idea is maybe a little dubious — correlation is not causation and so on. People who tend to trim are generally more active so of course they’re exposed to infection more often.

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But the small cuts and tears that trimming causes can open you up to micro-organisms, especially when you’re trying to completely banish all hair.

It’s unclear who paid for the study, but it appeared in the journal Sexually Transmitted Diseases, and found that women usually use a razor and men tend to use an electric device. Researchers suggest that the hair removal is learned from pornography, which given all the various things one might see in adult films, is probably the least hazardous habit to pick up.

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And the researchers also point out that maybe shaving doesn’t actually increase your risk at all — maybe people who trim are just more likely to be tested and know their status. Hairlessness certainly makes it easier to spot skin problems right when they start.

So ultimately it’s hard to come away from this information with any solid recommendation, other than enjoy the body you’ve got.