Parents Force Transgender Teacher Out Of A Job

KlugAt this point we should probably just write a template for this story and fill in the details every time it happens: yet another teacher has been yanked out of school by complaining parents who don’t know what they’re talking about.

This time it’s Laura Jane Klug, a substitute teacher in Lumberton, Texas. One father of a fifth-grade student said that Klug was a potential distraction, and that’s apparently all it takes to rob someone of their livelihood in the Lumberton school system. She’s been temporarily removed from classes, and the school board will meet on Thursday to make a final decision about her employment.

The same parent also objected that Klug might cause students to have “inappropriate” questions. But of course, these are just flimsy excuses. The real reason is that these parents have no idea what transgender people are actually like, and are afraid of what they don’t understand, and are lashing out at something just because it’s different from them. It’s bigotry, that’s all, and all this hand-wringing about “distraction” and “inappropriate” is just a show they put on to make themselves feel like they’re not bigots.

There’s not much that you can do to help, unless you live in the Lumberton school district. But if you do, you must stop by the school board meeting on Thursday to voice your support.

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  • Tackle

    If I were in that area, I would definitely stop by to voice my support of the teacher. And Matt you :) are correct when you state that the ” parents are afraid of what they don’t understand, and are lashing out at something just because it’s different from them. ” The unnecessary stress this parent is putting this teacher through is uncalled for. And thank you for reporting on this Matt. Because this is our battle also. GLBTQ…

  • Desert Boy

    Lumberton, Texas? Is anyone remotely surprised this happened in Taliban Texas?

  • ruddac

    Worried about “inappropriate questions”, eh? Of course. The Texas board of education passed an edict prohibiting “critical thinking” in classrooms.

  • Mezaien

    Texasse are NOT welcome in Tucson, Arizona! just don`t bother to come.

  • Texasteacher

    I lost my first teaching job due to the same “parental concerns” about my being gay. It was Earlsboro High School in Earlsboro, Oklahoma just outside of Shawnee in 1995. Many small towns allow prejudice from the lowest common denominators to make all of their decisions. I don’t know how the students or parents would even know that this woman is transgender, but from my experience in Earlsboro, it may be due to the constant snooping done by parents. I can remember many instances catching people looking through my garbage outside, just to name one instance.

  • Texasteacher

    I hope the community comes together in a more rational way now that it’s nearly 20 years later and reinstates her. Public school teachers are not public property. She needs to be treated as the professional she is.

  • Kangol

    This is why we need national protection for LGBTQ people. ENDA would be an important step. Let’s not just wish it happens, let make sure our federal representatives make it happen.

  • Dshawns

    I live in the city adjacent to Lumberton and I am proud to say that nearly the entire community is in support of her keeping her job. So before you start slamming Texas perhaps you should learn the facts. My partner and I live openly and are completely accepted. For our area to be somewhat rural, our community is widely accepted and welcomed. People are becoming more educated about the LGBQ communities but are still lacking in knowledge about the transgender community.

  • Will L

    I’m not quite sure that the time is right for a fifth-grade substitute teacher. In a very small community where everyone knows one another (and her) then maybe. I really hate to say that, too, because I’m sorry it happened. She needs to make sure (up front) that the school is willing to stand by her if and when she returns to a school.

  • sejjo

    “Parents Force Transgender Teacher Out Of A Job”

    So what else is new? The template idea is not a bad one btw. It will save you lots of time. I fear I may become complacent because this happens an average of way too often.

  • SilverRayne

    That is way too close to home. I live less than an hour from Lumberton.

  • Tackle

    @HirsuteOne: Thanks for that link. Sent my message to the school board…

  • HirsuteOne


    I also contacted them with a message of support for Ms. Klug. Do you know what happened? What was the final outcome?

  • Jessie R

    The federal EEOC ruled that discrimination against transgender people in the workplace is legally a type of sex discrimination and therefore prohibited. Throw the book at the school so hard that it leaves a permanent dent.

  • Tackle

    @HirsuteOne: Yes she was reinstated after 13 members of the public spoke out. And I’m sure all the online support also helped: )

  • HirsuteOne



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