Pat Robertson’s Christian Legal Group Canned Attorney After Gay Accusations

An attorney with a conservative Christian legal group founded by televangelist Pat Robertson was fired after his superiors discovered evidence he had affairs with younger men, reports Metro Weekly.

James Henderson, Sr, a senior counsel with the American Center for Law and Justice (ACLJ), was terminated on September 25, the day after blogs began reporting the married father of eight had relationships with two men who were possibly under 21.

According to reports, Henderson communicated with the men via Facebook, and plied them with alcohol and marijuana. Henderson denied Metro Weekly‘s request for an interview, but a spokesman for the ACLJ confirmed “he is no longer affiliated with any ACLJ entity.”

Henderson’s ACLJ profile, since scrubbed from the group’s site, indicates he is a graduate from St. Louis University who specialized in First Amendment rights relating to freedom of religion and speech, and argued before the Supreme Court several times. The site referred to him “one of the best appellate lawyers in the country.”

The ACLJ, now run by Jay Sekulow, was founded by Robertson in 1990 as a countermeasure to the ACLU. It’s casework includes fighting for prayer in school and defending abortion-clinic demonstrators.

Photo: ACLJ