Patrick Stewart’s Awesome Response To Mistakenly Being Outed

CelebDragRace - Patrick Stewart finalAlthough we have always fantasized that Patrick Stewart might be gay, we long ago came to terms with his heterosexuality. Sure, he’s a sophisticated, sensitive actor who’s not above a little musical number, but his heart belongs to ladies.

But, whoops, the Guardian mistakenly identified him among the gay people who offered support to Ellen Page. “Some gay people, such as Sir Patrick Stewart, think Page’s coming out speech is newsworthy,” the British paper wrote.

They later corrected the mistake, but when the Poynter Institute noted the gaffe, Stewart himself chimed in.

Maybe the reporter was just confused by Sir Patrick’s frequent association with Sir Ian? The two are as adorably chummy as platonic friends can be. And now if you’ll excuse us, we have some Picard/Gandalf slash fiction to write.