Paul Babeu And His Accuser Give Interviews To CNN As AZ Primary Nears


Sheriff Paul Babeu may have thought giving a press conference on Saturday would settle the issue of his sexuality and the accusations made against him by an ex-lover, but it ain’t so. With the Arizona primary right around the corner, the mainstream press is hungry for any whiff of scandal attached to a candidate, even remotely.

Above, CNN’s Wolf Blitzer speaks with Babeu, Mitt Romney’s former campaign co-chair in the Grand Canyon State, in a conversation that covered the scandal, Log Cabin Republicans and the sheriff’s take on gay marriage. Not surprisingly for a Republican, Babeu says it should be determined by the individual states.

Um, okay then Paul, what about the state of Arizona, which doesn’t even have civil unions?

Below, CNN also spoke with “Jose,” the ex-boyfriend who is accusing Babeu of threatening him with deportation. While he maintains he is in the United States legitimately, some sources say his operating a business on a tourist visa is illegal.

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  • hf2hvit


  • Marie Cohn

    Baboon: a 4. Orozco: an 8.

  • Steve

    This is getting just too predictable. A vehement anti-gay bigot, working on Republican anti-gay campaigns, turns out to be gay himself. The vehement anti-gay act was really just a way of trying to deny his own sexuality, or of holding the closet door firmly shut. When the truth comes out, he at first tries to deny it. Eventually, he breaks down in tears.

    Sorry Paul Babeu, there is precious little pity for people who have spent their entire career working to harm others.

    Other than “I resign”, the only thing anyone wants to hear from you now is something like, “I watched while Mitt and Rick Santorum had sex with each other.”

  • mylife

    Yet another WHITE MAN on the down low. There are stereotypes, and then there’s reality. Looks like WHITE MEN on the DL are a serious reality. With all these high profile guys getting caught, I can’t help but wonder about all the average joe’s out there doing the same thing (we never get to hear about them).

    But, let’s pretend WHITE MEN on the DL isn’t real. It makes it much more fun when stories like this surface.

  • Jaroslaw

    Steve – please back up your claim this guy is a vehement anti-gay bigot. I’ve read a lot about this guy and apparently you have sources I don’t. I keep running across various blogs where people say nasty things but not one actual quote or citation to back up what they say. Is this guy a hypocrite? Sure, most of us over 40 were to a greater or lesser degree – or at least less than honest about who we were. I don’t understand the text messages about Babeu contacting his family and “not having business” but who knows if they are even legit? There is a lot more to this story we may never know and Babeau might be a bad guy after all, but I haven’t found anything to substantiate he has ever been anti-gay.

  • Jaroslaw

    missed the last line about Jose operating a business. Well, if he is that savvy, he must know that the county sherriff is not “all powerful” as his video interview suggests and if he is here legally, I don’t see what possible issues Jose could have other than possibly not being allowed to run a business. I don’t know what the law is on that regard.

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