Paul Babeu And His Accuser Give Interviews To CNN As AZ Primary Nears


Sheriff Paul Babeu may have thought giving a press conference on Saturday would settle the issue of his sexuality and the accusations made against him by an ex-lover, but it ain’t so. With the Arizona primary right around the corner, the mainstream press is hungry for any whiff of scandal attached to a candidate, even remotely.

Above, CNN’s Wolf Blitzer speaks with Babeu, Mitt Romney’s former campaign co-chair in the Grand Canyon State, in a conversation that covered the scandal, Log Cabin Republicans and the sheriff’s take on gay marriage. Not surprisingly for a Republican, Babeu says it should be determined by the individual states.

Um, okay then Paul, what about the state of Arizona, which doesn’t even have civil unions?

Below, CNN also spoke with “Jose,” the ex-boyfriend who is accusing Babeu of threatening him with deportation. While he maintains he is in the United States legitimately, some sources say his operating a business on a tourist visa is illegal.