People are loving this hope-inducing tweet from Chasten Buttigieg

Chasten Buttigieg on the campaign trail (Photo: @Chas10Buttigieg | Twitter)

Just when you think President Donald Trump couldn’t surprise you anymore, he redraws the (Sharpie) line of expected Presidential behavior.

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So it’s not surprising that a recent tweet from Chasten Buttigieg – husband of Presidential hopeful Pete Buttigieg – has prompted an outpouring of support. The reason? It offers a reminder of what the President of the United States should be doing, and a glimpse of a previously unimagined future.

“Wouldn’t it be nice to know on Sunday evenings like this – as you’re preparing for the new week, folding your laundry, packing your kids’ lunchboxes – that the president and his husband were hard at work in Washington making this country a safer and more welcoming place?” says Buttigieg.

Maybe it’s the combination of mundane and ordinary Sunday evening activities with the notion of two gay men in the White House, but its paean for simpler times appears to have struck a chord.

“This tweet makes me want to cry, because, yes, I really, really do want this and I just freaking can’t believe what we have become as a nation,” said @WhyKelly2.

“It would be nice to not be thinking about the president and his family at all…not meaning this in an insulting way at all, but as compliment to you and Mayor Pete! It would be nice not to worry and I wouldn’t with Pete as Prez!” added @Road-trippn.

Many others agreed they’d take a ‘productive and boring’ President over the one they’ve currently got. In less than 12 hours if had received 36k likes and over 2.5k retweets.

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Chasten’s husband, Pete, meanwhile, took to Twitter to post a little insight into Sunday evenings at the Buttigieg household.  He posted a photo of Chasten in the bath tub, washing their dog, Buddy.

In the latest CBS polls of Democratic Presidential candidates, Joe Biden has a narrow lead over Elizabeth Warren, followed by Bernie Sanders. Behind the top trio, Pete Buttigieg and Kamala Harris poll 8% and 7% respectively to take fourth and fifth place.