Peter Akinola Preaching Stateside

Nigeria Anglican Archbishop Peter Akinola‘s tightening his grip on America’s soul. The virulent homophobe will pay Woodbridge, Virginia a little visit to appoint former Episcopal clergyman Martyn Minns as the leader of Akinola’s Convocation of Anglicans in North America.

Born from the never-ending gay debate, Akinola’s Nigeria-based Convocation aims to recruit conservative Americans into his Bible-thumping fold. American Episcopal leader Katharine Jefferts Schori has pleaded with Akinola to back off her territory, but it seems Akinola’s hellbent on a bit of religious colonization. Akinola replied by saying that the CANA will:

provide a safe place for those who wish to remain faithful Anglicans but can no longer do so within the Episcopal Church as it is currently being led.

Holy bitchiness!

The Convocation came into being last December, when a number of American Episcopal churches aligned themselves with Akinola’s conservative congregation. Speaking on his installation, Minns remarked:

For us, we felt that waiting for one more meeting and one more deadline – too many folks were getting lost in the middle, so for us, it was time to move on…

Perhaps a move to Nigeria would do you good, then…

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