Philly Gay Bar Owner Caught Using Racial Slur On Hidden Camera

ICandy Philadelphia racist owner
ICandy Philadelphia owner Darryl DePiano, via PhillyGayCalendar, YouTube.

Gay bar ICandy Philadelphia owner Darryl DePiano has been captured on hidden video referring to African American customers as “n—–s.”

DePiano is heard calling customers who ask for free drink passes the racial slur.

DePiano admitted the voice on the video was his own and apologized, via Facebook.

The issue of racism at LGBTQ bars and clubs was one of concern even before this video came to light. A group called the Black and Brown Workers Collective led protests last week in the gayborhood, stopping at several places including ICandy.

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Their policy of not allowing patrons wearing Timberlands into the establishment, while allowing in those wearing other types of boots, was seen by many as racially motivated.

A protest over the footage of DePiano using a racial slur took place on Thursday. G Philly was there live streaming.

Protesters handed out “free drink tickets” that quoted DePiano.

DePiano took the stage at his club on Friday night, along with “Drag Race” star Shangela, to once again address the issue and apologize. He promised that there would be more than just words, but also actions, as staff will be going through diversity training and the Timberland ban has been removed.