PHOTO: Colombian Couple Under Fire For Gay Nativity Scene


A gay couple in Colombia have come under criticism for displaying what some are calling a “homosexual nativity scene” with no female figures in it.

According to the New York Daily News, thousands of Colombians have taken to Twitter and Facebook to denounce Andrés Vásquez and Felipe Cárdenas as blasphemers. (The country’s Catholic Church labeled the display a “sacrilege.”)

We should mention the nativity in their home, where no one has to look at it if they don’t want to.

Political analyst Vásquez and entrepreneur Felipe have been together for four years and were united by a civil union, the closest thing to marriage for homosexuals in Colombia, three months ago.

Vásquez, a political analyst in Cartagena, told Diario Veloz  he hopes the manger scene would spark discussion of reforming Colombia’s  marriage laws. Currently the South American nation recognizes only civil unions for same sex couples. A bill to legalize same-sex marriage is making its way through the legislature.

Last Christmas, a Nativity display that included gay couples was vandalized in Claremont, CA.

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  • Dakotahgeo

    The entire Catholic Church is a sacrilege! This is a private Nativity Scene within a private home. Mind thy own business, RCC!

  • 2eo

    The same catholic church who violent attacked a bunch of peaceful protesters just the other day in an entirely unprovoked attack.

    If jesus or god were real [which as we know they aren’t] they’d have come back down and slit all of your child touching papal throats by now.

  • mpwaite

    Okay.. Well here’s my question of the two men.. Did they post this picture to Facebook? if not, how would thousands of Columbians know about a “private” nativity scene in a “private” home if they had not viewed it publicly somewhere?? Just how “private” was this nativity scene? It sounds like they wanted the attention and allowed pictures of this “private” nativity scene to flood social media. So I don’t buy the argument that it this was a “private” nativity scene in a “private” home. Also, EVERYONE has a right to their opinion. Gay, str8 or otherwise.. So did they NOT expect to be ridiculed in a predominantly catholic country.. COME ON…

  • Dakotahgeo

    @mpwaite: Had you looked at the photo and been the least bit observant, you would have noticed they were a few stories UP off the ground floor (hence the rooftops of other buildings???) so I doubt there were any people peering into their “private” dwelling/apartment!!!Catholic/Schmatholic… it is still private, even though the neer-do-wells may have had drones operating in the area. (Sober up before you comment !!! You sound awfully cranky and angry for a simple nativity scene. Hmmmmmm…!

  • Dakotahgeo

    @Dakotahgeo: Personally, because it IS a private photo, they can post it anywhere they want. Nobody has to “look”! Scheeesch!

  • MikeE

    @Dakotahgeo: I’d suggest you take your own advice on sobriety.

    this couple have a nativity scene in their home.. but how, exactly, did all these thousands of people find out about it?

    obviously, the couple posted images in a public manner, in a medium that readily lead to their identification.

    It also sounds to me like they were trying to stir up a hornet’s nest.

  • sdartnut

    If that angel is not a female then his outfit is very pansexual.
    One of the fathers is Joseph but the other should be God.
    The whole virgin birth thing predates Christianity as do the majority of traditions of the Season. The people should have the freedom to put up whatever display they wish in their home. And to post it to Facebook.

  • Derek Williams

    According to the Holy Bible, women should be silent in the church and should not teach. Their exclusion therefore comes as no surprise.

  • Jake

    I think its tasteless and disrespectful.

  • queerty1958

    The only reason they thought it should be called homosexual is because both the animals are males and the bull humped the mule! They didn’t want to show that because it might offend someone! And another thing…….the straw is a little bit too dark. It’s not a good look for the collection! :-)

  • montanom

    Who gives a damn if there’s no Virgin Mary? It’s ART !

  • MikeE

    @Jake: although technically, Jesus DID have two dads….

  • bmwblonde

    The Catholic Church IS a mental disorder (and always has been).
    For example: it’s OKAY for “God” (an old white male with a beard) to HATE women, and also to HATE sex — so acutely that he cosmically impregnates the “virgin” Mary, making her of course the BMV. (HUH?) Poor old Joseph, cuckolded (and get this — by the shimmeringly invisible Cock of God, Great White Father.)
    For example: Catholics HATE sex and HATE the feminine, but not in equal measure. Women and the feminine aspects of all people are hated MORE (hence generations of alter-boys getting their Sex Education the “hard” way).
    For example: Old Italian men (including the now Twittering Pope) wearing black dresses and assuming in their astounding arrogance that they can tell the rest of the word what is and is not “moral” about sex, while hiding their own generations of child abuse (see above).
    And finally — for example: This latest travesty — who CARES whether it’s Mary and Joseph (who couldn’t compete with “God” for the right to screw to create Jesus anyway), or Joseph and Jimmy. Sexless caretakers are sexless caretakers. The “Church” needs to be committed to an insane asylum, AND its zillions of dollars in stolen guilt money given to the poor. “Merry Christmas”, whackos.

  • DuMaurier

    @MikeE: Hey, good point! Didn’t even think of THAT; best observation on this rather grumpy thread.

  • Burlington

    If there aren’t the proper figures no one can call it a Nativity Scene.

  • DarkZephyr

    OK, I am one of the biggest pro-gay rights person you will ever meet, and usually I criticize people like BJ McFrisky on this website, however, I think all of the people blasting Catholics and going on about how “private” this display is, have missed this portion of the article:

    “Vásquez, a political analyst in Cartagena, told Diario Veloz he hopes the manger scene would spark discussion of reforming Colombia’s marriage laws.”

    If its so “private”, why was he hoping the dislay would spark discussion about gay rights? Clearly it was not intended to be all that “private”. I am very much in favor of gay rights (I am a Washingtonian proud of his role in the passing of Referendum 74) but I don’t believe that the way to go about it is to offend people’s deeply held sensibilities that they consider sacrosanct. Its completely fruitless and will only earn you the opposite of allies. Especially considering where they live. This was not a wise move and it certainly wasn’t a tactful one. Here in WA, one of the BIGGEST group of voters in FAVOR of Referendum 74 were Catholics in the pew, and I can promise you that NONE of us LGBT people got them as allies by insulting their deeply held beliefs. Because that is simply NOT the way to do it and its rude and insensitive. Period. We want people to be compassionate and sensitive to us, we need to return it as well.

  • DarkZephyr

    @DarkZephyr: and that would be “display” and not “dislay”.

  • 2eo

    @DarkZephyr: “I don’t believe that the way to go about it is to offend people’s deeply held sensibilities that they consider sacrosanct.”

    You mean like they believe we should be executed and murdered, fund death squads in Africa and condemn and excommunicate people for something “their god” does.

    Doesn’t wash with me mate. They want respect, commit and act like the people they worship instead of like monsters.

  • DarkZephyr

    @2eo: Not one of the Catholics that voted in favor of passing Referendum 74 in WA state wished for gays to be executed and murdered, funded death squads in Africa and excommunicated any gay person, I assure you. You continue the cycle of enmity by lumping all Catholics together. Doesn’t help anything, my friend.

  • Dakotahgeo

    @DarkZephyr: You are correct. We hear the wheezing and coughing from the Catholic Church hierarcy, but not from the millions of Catholic members who are horrified at their church’s teachings. Donations plunging and membership dropping, lack of church attendance… these SHOULD be signs of warning to the Pope-laden church but no, they simply won’t get it until St. Peter’s bones literally kick them in their pontifical/pontified asses.

  • Andres Vasquez

    I’m Andrés Vásquez and this is my nativity scene. The Jesus’s family is the representation of ALL the catholic families in the world. Some of them are white and heteroparentals, others are asian style, others are blacks or latins, my nativity scene represent a reality. There are a lot of catholic families compose by 2 fathers or 2 mothers and in the case of 2 fathers, they need a surrogated mother (as maria was). Is not disrespectful is just an small adjustment to today’s times.
    [email protected]

  • Will L

    While I agree that it’s within the home, they should keep it to themselves. I personally find this offensive. If you’re going to put up a Nativity, do it right. Otherwise, don’t do it at all.

  • Dakotahgeo

    @Andres Vasquez: I thank your family profusely for the inspiring Nativity scene. Truth be told, Jesus DID have two fathers whether the fundies or conservatives want to see that or not. Mary was simply the bearer of Christ, and what a wonderful role to have fulfilled. Don’t be upset with the naysayers and complainers. Most of them haven’t even read the Bible, and think Jesus was born just down the street from them!
    Dakotahgeo, M.Div. Pastor/Chaplain

  • 2eo

    @Will L: “I personally find this offensive.”

    Why do you. I consider that phrase to be THE single most worthless phrase in the English language. Do it right, do what right?, this event never even happened, the people never even existed.

    How can you do that right?

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