PHOTO: Colombian Couple Under Fire For Gay Nativity Scene


A gay couple in Colombia have come under criticism for displaying what some are calling a “homosexual nativity scene” with no female figures in it.

According to the New York Daily News, thousands of Colombians have taken to Twitter and Facebook to denounce Andrés Vásquez and Felipe Cárdenas as blasphemers. (The country’s Catholic Church labeled the display a “sacrilege.”)

We should mention the nativity in their home, where no one has to look at it if they don’t want to.

Political analyst Vásquez and entrepreneur Felipe have been together for four years and were united by a civil union, the closest thing to marriage for homosexuals in Colombia, three months ago.

Vásquez, a political analyst in Cartagena, told Diario Veloz  he hopes the manger scene would spark discussion of reforming Colombia’s  marriage laws. Currently the South American nation recognizes only civil unions for same sex couples. A bill to legalize same-sex marriage is making its way through the legislature.

Last Christmas, a Nativity display that included gay couples was vandalized in Claremont, CA.