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    Why do people think he’s good looking?

  • Captain proton

    probably the abs + the smile + the celebrity status

  • Tracy

    I don’t get the media frenzy about Daley, either. Sure he’s cute and all; but there are tons of divers and other athletes who are both fit and good-looking. What’s so special about him? (And as far as I know, he’s not even gay…)

  • stadacona

    Another over-exposed diver. Other than perfect abs, pretty average. Let’s see some water polo players – far hotter.

  • Lefty

    @Tracy: His sporting success probably has a lot to do with it. Plus, the fact he’s not only fit and good-looking like many others, he also seems to have an eagerness to embrace and an ease in the public eye (I think he once said he’d like to go into TV presenting when he retires from diving).
    I also think the fact that he quite obviously *seems* to be a total gay is a point of added interest to the public (his constant “availability” and the fact he’s never really delineated his sexuality is no doubt a major attraction to the hordes of teenage girls that make up a large part of his fanbase.
    For all these reasons, he “sells” very easily to the public and they seem to have huge admiration for him after his considerable achievements in diving at such a young age.

  • John Doe

    He’s not just popular with the girls and gays, older generations in the UK like Tom a lot.

    I saw the BBC special on him that was filmed while his dad was still alive (died of cancer before Olympics) and before Tom turned 18. Seems like a great family and personal story that people find interesting, touching and inspiring.

    I do think he is getting a bit over exposed right now. There was basically a growing momentum that exploded after the Olympics and after he turned 18 (when every British company grabbed him to model for them).

    For his sake and ours… I hope that they pull back some. I have a good opinion of him. But even too much of a good thing can get worn out.

  • Niall

    He’s really milking the “it” status isn’t he? But I’m not gonna lie, I’m really attracted to him

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