PHOTO: Pop Prince Justin Bieber Moons Paparazzi

justin bieber

PHOTO: Pop wonder Justin Bieber has been trying to show a more macho side of himself lately, so we’re not sure what this half-moon shot he posted on Instagram is all about. But we’re not complaining.

Below, another revealing photo of the Beebs taken at a recent concert in Nashville. Is this boy allergic to clothing?


bieber 3

bieber 2

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  • Dawster

    Anyone remember that “South Park” episode with the Jonas Brothers and the purity rings?

  • MikeE

    Justin Bieber is an 18-yr old who has let everything he’s been told go to his head. He actually believes he is an “artist”.

  • Mooz

    Why do you keep reporting on this sorry ass, who thinks he chose not to be gay and doesn’t believe in same sex marriage? I’d kick his lily ass.

  • 2eo

    @MikeE: He’s living proof that you can market anything, and say anything and there are some people who will fall for it completely. He’s a sorry indictment of pop culture and the vacuous blowhards who follow it intently.

  • Fitz

    Mooz is 100% correct. You look like a bunch of pathetic stereotypes chasing after this anti gay-rights little twit just because he is youthfully pretty.

  • yaoming

    “Youth without beauty always has attraction, while beauty without youth has none.”

  • anna27

    I don’t think he’s anti-gay – I think he meant in that interview when he was 16 that its nobody elses business whether someone is gay or not, he just worded it very poorly. He also gets a lot of homophobic bullying himself online and joined the “it gets better” campaign and lent music to the movie bully. I personally think he’s atleast bisexual…

  • Mr. Enemabag Jones


    Yeah, but look what happened to them.

    Bieber has maybe two years before his fans grow up and forget him. Then in 10 years, he’ll be doing nostalgia tours for all those unhappily married women who worshiped him in their youth.

    He reminds me of Jeremy Jordan whose career lasted about one year, before he fell into b-grade movies and soft-core porn.

  • AEH

    Glad to hear he’s staying classy!

  • Ogre Magi

    @Mooz: I’d lick his lily ass

  • Aidan8

    @Ogre Magi: LOL Um, that thought has crossed my mind… ;)

  • FStratford

    He has a cute bubble butt.

  • John Doe

    Just found this. Seems like the Franco brothers like to always have fun. This time at Bieber’s expense per James Franco.

    Boyfriend – James Franco and Ashley Benson (Justin Bieber song)

  • FunMe

    That photos of the lesbian bieber? Gross!

  • Stache1

    @Mr. Enemabag Jones: Don’t forget things like “dancing with the stars” or VHI where are they now.

  • kurt_t

    Two words: power bottom.

  • Burlington

    Miss. Bieber has what we may call a ‘femme quality’.

  • redcarpet

    Chill out guys, I’ll look at his ass, maybe even fapp to it, but I ain’t buying his records, clicking Like on any of his stuff, or following him on twitter.

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