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  • dvlaries

    Only the final color shot isn’t noticably smeary, what’s the deal?

  • tropos

    For a change, nah! Nah definitely .. way too built up and a face with no expression whatsoever.

  • Suburban

    wow, Cameron has a GREAT body. I noticed he has a tat but he’s not covered by them. Nice pierced nipple too. Have to admit I skipped past a lot of the pics…I saw enough though.

  • Down-under

    Great body.. but zzzzzzzzzzz

  • Mike Barton

    An amazing body, but was it necessary to wax every square inch of him? Poor guy must have been in agony!

  • Cee

    That big toe on the left foot looks ugh.

  • alan brickman

    stop being jealous ….

  • Joe

    @Cee: Too funny! I immediately thought the same thing.

  • Davey

    @Evan: Please! Your “friend” is old and tired and hardly has the body of this guy.


    @Cee: That’s OK, I’m sure he can wear socks…

  • Lucky Luke


    That’s the first thing I noticed too.. and kinda turned me off for the rest of the pics, LOL

  • hardmannyc

    “way too built up”

    What a pathetic comment. It’s like saying, ‘He’s too handsome.”

  • atdleft

    @Cee: I dunno… It kinda turns me on, like a cherry on top (or in this case, bottom) of a yummy sundae. I’ll definitely take Cameron’s big toe along with the rest of his big, buff self any time! :-D

  • allancsn

    Lovely – an ass big enough for a bit of bounce – beautiful eyes – and I’ve looked and looked at his toes and can’t see what people are seeing. But I’d be too busy rubbing me into his chest to too worried about his feet. Nice. Well done that man.

  • tg06

    @Cee: the big toe on his left foot…REALLY???? omfg people on here are ridiculous ahahahahaha

  • chip reed

    Definately looks quite queen like. You go gurl!!!

  • chip reed

    @dvlaries: I would imagine he is running scared from crazy’s

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