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  • Daez

    1950 called and wants it’s black and white back. Maybe the magazine is on a budget? Otherwise, typical hairless, starving, gym rat. Nothing to see here…move along.

  • james

    I love Black and white photo’s. Unfortunatly these onse to not do the model justice. The photogrophers eye is severly lacking in the aspect of light play and shading. Beautiful man mediocre pics.

  • Eric

    To Daez,

    Always something to bitch about. The photos are fine. 1995 called and wants
    its hackneyed phrase back.

  • Brickman

    Stop being such bullies..he definately breaks the bank…

  • jack

    Oh Danny boy,you are beautiful.

  • D P

    @Ron: — thank you for the link! …and RE: pic #3: ..oh yeah… Danny doing a pelvic thrust seemingly to my face will work! I’m on board! And BTW @Ron: I’ve looked at only the first three images on that link, and have to thank you again…! Well, thank you and Danny’s parents, that is.

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