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  • Ted TampaBay

    Drag queens…they’re like even more over the top actors who eat up the scenery with their bombast. Part of their outfits should be blinking neon signs that say, “look at me” “look at me.” I do tip my hat to the drag queens who took on the cops at the Christopher Street riots…seems all the preppy gays didn’t have the testosterone to fight back.

  • Derek

    Ted do a wee bit a research as to what this event is really all about and maybe you’ll not come off as such a stupid douche after you do.

  • Ted TampaBay

    I was expecting some venomous feedback from this posting and you didn’t disappoint me. I was talking about drag queens at events in general. I’m 70 years old and have done more research in my life than an Oxford scholar. By the way young man, I was at Stonewall, saw the event, and was active for over 35 years in the gay liberation movement. You are not only asinine, but disrespectful.

  • Ftt

    Can someone tell me what is the purpose of drag queens? Or what they stand for? And their conection with the lgbt movement?!

  • Sluggo2007

    @Ftt: They are a very fun and festive facet of gay life and were the reason Stonewall happened, you imbecile! Lighten up a little! Life is for the living!

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