PHOTOS: Fire Island Calendar Boys Heat Up The Summer


Gay vacationers in Cherry Grove and the Pines got a copy of Daniel Nardicio’s scorching hot Fire Island Summer 2012 Calendar this weekend. But Queerty has some exclusive outtakes from the photo shoot for you folks on the mainland, courtesy of Wilsonmodels. We’re not sure what’s worse—knowing that our bodies aren’t as beach-ready as these boys’ are, or seeing that they can wolf down pizza and still look so cut.

If you want to meet Daniel’s wayward lads in person, be sure to consult his website for full details on all the weekly underwear parties, slutty one-offs and special performances by Liza Minnelli, Sandra Bernhard, Margaret Cho, Alan Cumming and more!

Click through for more exclusive outtakes from Daniel Nardicio’s Fire Island 2012 Calendar

Photos: Wilsonmodels

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  • jason

    Daniel Nardicio’s calendar just seems so awkward and stereotypical. It’s like those calendars that straight guys put out featuring women in bikinis. We are so similar to straight guys, aren’t we?

  • w.e.

    This seems a bit silly.

  • Stephen

    I don’t think these guys are going to give DNA any competition anytime soon.

  • Drew

    These guys are all twinks and look like hu$tlers which if they are strippers they probably do whore around on the side.

  • Mike

    ewwwwwwwwww these guys are NOT hot!

  • Frank

    Too much ink…I don´t dig the ex-convict look….next !

  • Xtincta

    What’s the Name of the Black Guy, he’s FUCKING hot? And Tattoo haters need to get over it, they’re here to stay.

  • arlo

    What is that fugly troll with the handlebar mustache?

  • Chadboy

    This is the best they can come up with for a “hot” calendar? I can walk 5 blocks in NYC and assemble better looking guys. These guys aren’t built. They are all a bit on the skinny side.

  • mark


  • FelixWood

    I hate that this shit is synonymous with gay culture. I do not like attention seeking twats, male or female, who like parading around in underwear in public. It’s just sad.


  • EdWoody

    This site should change its name to Anhedonics Anonymous. The lot of of you are constantly miserable and complaining, nothing ever makes you happy. The people in these photos are having fun and enjoying themselves. What are you lot doing?

  • iDavid


    I hear you but they are not advertising this as ‘gay boys having fun’, it’s advertised as “scorching hot” and I think they might actually believe it is. When in truth, it’s freezing limp dick turn off cold. Call’n it the way it is isn’t complaining, it’s just the facts of life.

  • timncguy

    I think this is all just a sad attempt to keep Daniel Nardicio in contact with naked bois. He seems like a sleazy old letch himself. Remember when he was featured on that “A-List NY” show trying to get the former model to pose nude for Playgirl and how creepy he acted at the thought of just seeing a nude “boi”. Daniel is the guy in the center of the last picture. It just seems like this is the only way he’s going to be able to get any attention from nearly naked bois. He does always surround himself with bois, doesn’t he. Never men. Always hairless twinks.

  • EdWoody

    @timncguy: So the fuck what? He knows what he likes and he’s making a business out of it. He works extremely hard at it and deserves whatever success he gets. I’d much rather have his life than any of yours.

  • EdWoody

    Uh, no, exact same person actually. WTF?

  • Gay Bacon

    It’s a big turn off when guys try to butch it up with beards and then have pencil-thin, plucked eyebrows. Drawn in looking eyebrows need to go. Sorry.

  • LittIe,Kiwi

    these comments are HILARIOUS.

    look, wimps, it’s not the fault of these guys that nobody wants to f**k you and that you’re ashamed of being gay.

    they’re out living happy lives and you’re at a computer being mad at them for being out living happy lives.


    now, on to the calendar. woof. and i’ve done two of ’em. NYC woof woof woof.

  • Stephen

    Is there a hair, nope, what is this obsession with hairlessness, don’t men have any?

  • Sam

    Kiwi nobody gives a rat’s arse. Everyday it’s the same BS from you “you’re closeted” “show me your face, blog, or youtube videos! or else you’re not out and are closeted!’ and “If you don’t like flaming queens you’re homophobic!”

    If you actually got fucked by these guys I feel bad for them and you.

  • Markus

    ewwwww these dudes are NASTY!

    In a few years they’ll have protease face and be even more fugly from using meth and other drugs.

    I agree with commenters that they are not hot at all and the Ken Doll clone look is icky. LOL gay bacon is correct that these queens are trying to be masculine but are failing at it.

    If Kiwi wants to get fucked raw by these icky guys that’s his problem.

  • Shane

    This is the happening thing in gay world? These guys are gross

  • Nick

    You bitchy queens are so sad and mean.

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