PHOTOS: Fleet Week 2012, Or Who Really Doesn’t Like A Man In Uniform?


Fleet Week 2012 is winding down in New York City, and everyone’s been rushing around this weekend trying to get some face time with the able-bodied seamen and ladies pouring onto the island of Manhattan. It was truly inspiring to see openly gay Marines and sailors shaking hands, dancing and kissing at queer watering holes like the Ritz and Blazing Saddles. Even more impressive were the straight comrades who tagged along with their gay buddies and enjoyed the attention of patriotic fans of every orientation.

While we didn’t capture any of the shenanigans at the clubs (Don’t Ask Don’t Tell still applies in some places), we did get some candid snaps of our men and women in uniform around the city—including partying with celebs like Will Smith and Katy Perry. A heartfelt thanks to all of those—gay, straight and bi—who defend our nation.

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Photo: Lawrence Ferber, U.S. Navy, NYCMarines, Facebook