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PHOTOS: Gay Actors Do Normal Person Things


OH SNAP — Yes, they are just like us! Zachary Quinto gets coffee in skintight jeans. TR Knight hangs out with friends. But here’s how they aren’t just like us: TR is hanging out with a friend who happens to be named … Katherine Heigl. Yeah, that doesn’t happen around here. (Photos: Fame)

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  • SteamPunk

    Wow, Zachary looks… just like every other skinny jeans-wearing scenester in Silverlake. Good job blending in, bro!

  • Cedric

    I want to adopt babies with Zachary Quinto.

  • aletorro

    wait, is zachary quinto gay? that means there’s hope he’ll come on a white horse and makes me his prince?

  • Jason

    Quinto was very hot as Spock. WTF happened to him?

  • 7sk

    So yeah, since when is Zach gay? Wishful thinking, much.

  • Jesus Chryst

    Him being gay isn’t exactly a secret but it’s also something people avoid talking about. It’s like a big rainbow elephant in the room.

    Even if he isn’t “out” technically I love this GQMF.

  • alan brickman

    why do you say quninto is gay???.. confused…

  • AA

    Does he really need to be outed Queerty? Yeah I know, glass closet. But this isn’t a Larry Craig thing where he’s discriminated against gays and has lost the right to his own privacy. He doesn’t even beard, so why not just leave him alone until he finally comes out for real?

    I think this sort of thing might encourage other gay actors to be less open.

  • Erick

    Question: Is TR stil with the boyfriend? Ok, I had a chance to be really snarky and I didnt take it. So, anyone?

  • wmcarpenter


  • Felix

    Totally agreed with AA.


  • Mike

    I agree with AA as well.


  • Geoff M

    Every closeted person, famous or not hurts us individually and collectively. That will piss alot of people off, but it’s true.

  • Anna

    Agree with AA as well. Well said.

  • Geoff M

    Anna, that is just the dumbest, most assinine logic.

  • Eric

    Geoff, that may be true, but it should be up to them to make the decision. If they are like NPH who had a bf and showed up at gay clubs fine … but dragging people out of the closet is just screwed up no matter how *good* it is for the “community.”

  • Geoff M

    It’s BECAUSE of actors, politicians, clergy, bus drivers, school teachers etc who refuse to be open and honest that bigotry becomes socially acceptable. If a famous person, let alone a regular joe or jane isn’t proud enough or brave enough to say “Yeah I’m gay”….they perpetuate the notion that being gay is something to be ashamed of and we all suffer. What’s the saying? All that is necessary for evil to flourish is for good men to do nothing. We live in an age where we want everything handed to us and this PC BS ideology about ‘ooooh…don’t out him…he might lose a role’ is dangerous to you, me and the little kid in the Nebraska cornfield. SOMEBODY has to blaze the trail, put their money where their mouth is and be proud. Otherwise the Sally Kearns, the Mormon churches and illiterate rednecks of this world win and we go back to the shadows.

  • Greg Theron

    :/ I want to marry Zackary Quinto!

  • Andrew W

    You’re getting confused, guys. If Quinto said he was straight and was lying about it, this would be an ‘outing’. But Quinto doesn’t masquerade as straight. He’s a gay man living a gay life who doesn’t talk about his sexuality. It ought to be as uncontroversial to a straight person straight. If we keep pretending that you can only say someone is gay after they do a People cover story, we’re just stigmatising our sexuality.

  • aletorro

    @Geoff M: Seriously? No one should be outed! Who are you to out anyone? That’s the worse thing you can do. People need to come out when they’re ready, not when you want it.

    Coming out of the closet is a personal process that takes time, and even when you’re out to family and friends is not something you start yelling at people. Most of the time, because it’s simply none of their business. You don’t see Zachary Quinto bashing gays, do you? So why bother? Let the guy live. If he’s gay he’ll come out when he’s ready and it’s not up to you, me or Queerty to decide when that is.

    And, no, it doesn’t hurt the community having closeted gay actors, it hurts them to be forced to come out!

  • Rock

    “And, no, it doesn’t hurt the community having closeted gay actors”

    Bad joke.

  • aletorro

    @Marcie: Marcy thank you for noticing! I’ve always felt you need one to know one! we should start a club!

  • Marcie

    @aletorro: I will buy the tshirts. Sorry Aletorro, I was rude. I just disagree with you. Point taken.

  • aletorro

    @Marcie: Are the t-shirts saying: “I’m with stupid –>?”

    No problem. I don’t mind that you disagree, just how you called me. But all is forgiven :)

  • Alleyne

    Look at it from this perspective. Zach Quinto has talked a lot about his goals as an actor, how he wants his work to stand alone, to not be about him but about his characters. He doesn’t want to be a celebrity. He’s freaked out that there are two action figures with his face on them. He doesn’t talk about his life unless it has some relevance to his work. He doesn’t talk about his family or his upbringing, he doesn’t talk about his history here in Pittsburgh (where we’re very proud of him) except his stage work, which began when he was in grade school.

    So he comes out, and then what? Every time he’d be written about from there on out, he’d no longer be described as “up and coming actor Zachary Quinto” or “science fiction favorite actor Zachary Quinto” or “actor/producer Zachary Quinto” or “award winning actor Zachary Quinto.” He’d be, forever and ever, “openly gay actor Zachary Quinto.” It’d be the lede in every article, in the opening paragraph of his Wikipedia bio, and talked about in every interview and every review for the next who knows how long?

    Proof positive of that? Neil Patrick Harris. His gayness was never a secret. But three years after it became widely known to the public, it’s still the primary topic of everything written about him. Look at his cover of the New Yorker from this month, where his gayness is set apart as an emphasized parenthetical. It’s what people talk about first and foremost. Not his work, not his great hosting of the Tony Awards, nor his upcoming hosting of the Emmys this Sunday, where he’ll likely win an award as well. Not his film roles, nor his theatre roles, nor the awards he’s won. It’s all about him being out and gay, gay and out. His career is becoming an afterthought even as he’s doing his best work ever. It’s entirely screwed up.

    I can’t blame Zach Quinto for not wanting who he may happen to love (especially if he’s single, which all reports say he is) to be what people focus on. I can’t blame anyone who wants to be an actor and not a celebrity from shying away from that. (See the open secret of David Hyde Pierce, who has been with his partner for 25 years but “came out” a year ago.) And before anyone says that we’re seeing an awful lot of ZQ for him to not want celebrity, remember that the paparazzi are sitting outside of his house waiting for him to walk the few blocks to Intelligensia Coffee, or come out to walk his dog. Leaving the house ≠ celebrity-seeking.

  • Kris

    @Alleyne: To Geoff Ms point, “SOMEBODY has to blaze the trail, put their money where their mouth is and be proud”

    If not him, who? If not YOU, who? I don’t agree with outing people against their will but public figures are a whole different ballgame because they make theyre money off of fame.

    As far as NPH I would offer this: He is an excellent role model and if there were more of him, his sexuality wouldn’t be an issue. It’s only an issue because he is a novelty and that is the sad part.

  • Alleyne

    @Kris: I agree that we need trailblazers. But it needs to be a personal choice to blaze a trail. And if that’s not what Zachary Quinto or any one else wants to do, then that’s their choice and that needs to be respected. If someone is going to put their life and their career and their livelihood on the line, then it needs to be done entirely freely. NPH and TR Knight didn’t come out freely, both were essentially forced to make public statements after the thoughtless or careless acts of others shone a spotlight on them. Both have stepped up to the plate nicely, but don’t doubt for even half a minute that either of them aren’t going to face (or in TR’s case, is already facing) negative career repercussions as a result.

  • mallard

    I dont think Quinto needs any guardian angel gays to watch over him and berate queer blogs that calls him a homo.

    @Mike: Whats not really cool is homophobia, just so you understand. If he wanted to save his precious privacy, he should not have played with the big boys in hollywood

  • GMB

    Zach Quinto *is* out socially to everyone he knows and hangs out with in LA… he’s like Adam Lambert was before his Rolling Stone interview, like countless other Hollywood actors are, like Anderson Cooper is. They’re out to their family, out to their friends, out on the set of whatever they’re working on…

    They’ve just never done an interview and talked about it.

    Of course, you’ve got blogs like Queerty which don’t much feel like honoring the silence-rule, and that’s probably fine and good too… it’s got to be a good way for Mr. Quinto to gauge his reaction when he finally does come out in the media, but considering his willingness to participate in things like THE LARAMIE PROJECT: 10 YEARS LATER reading in LA, it can’t be far behind.

    As for the long entry from Alleyne, I’m sorry, but you don’t participate in a starmaking Hollywood blockbuster movie or star in a hit TV show if you don’t want to be famous. The dude could just do theater and remain anonymous (and poor) if all he wanted to do was ACT. That’s total bullshit. And if you sign up for Hollywood Fame, you sign up for a level of Personal Life On Display. It’s part of the package, and he needs to accept it and move on. He’s a homo. People will know. He might as well handle the media’s additional adjectives when describing him, and be grateful that he can actually make a difference in history instead of being yet another forgotten, unimportant actor who makes no impact on the world.

    – GMB


    Here’s some perspective, imagine if you were in high school and some douche found out you were Gay and decided to out you?

  • Greg Theron

    @DEREK WASHINGTON: So? People love us gays, were fabulous!

  • Greg Theron

    @DEREK WASHINGTON: Tell me about it. Z.Q. is still mega hot.

  • little

    The topic gay actors do normal things. This topic really stands out to me. Not just because im gay or find it hurtful but because it’s stated as if gay people are seperated from humans. in all reality we are all different which make the world an eventfull place to live in to explore….. no ones perfect… to me the one who live as themselves then to live as the world expect them to be will never get to know nor love themselves or at least live life to its fullest. love and except thou neighbor as you would love and respect yourselve!!!!!!

  • deepak

    i lick gay

  • sam

    @Geoff M:

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