PHOTOS: Gays Kiss And Protest From London To Tel Aviv Over Russia’s Homophobia


Antwerp kiss-in; Photo: @Bouska

Over the weekend, people in cities around the world including London, Antwerp, Stockholm, Tel Aviv and Glasgow protested Russia’s anti-gay propaganda law in a show of support for LGBT Russians.

In London, actor Stephen Fry — who has called on athletes to boycott the 2014 Sochi Olympics — joined hundreds of protesters on Saturday near the Russian embassy. Speaking to BuzzFeed, Fry said he was “under no illusions” that the Olympics would move to “Vancouver or Lake Placid or anywhere else,” but urged athletes to “devise a signal” for every time they won a medal “to show that they are thinking of the oppressed LGBT community.”‘


Tel-Aviv kiss-in; Photo: Mott Kimchi, Ynetnews

Over 300 Belgians staged a kiss-in outside the Russian consulate in Antwerp on Friday, just as Canadians had done in Vancouver a week before. On Saturday, Israelis also locked lips outside of the Russian embassy in Tel Aviv as over 200 protesters gathered to show solidarity with Russian gays. “It is a common fate, it does not matter where a person comes from, he has a right to live with dignity,” a protester told Ynetnews.


Crosswalk in front of Stockhholm’s Russian embassy; Photo: Claes Betsholtz, Street Art Utopia

Meanwhile, in Sweden gay rights supporters lit up the crosswalk outside the Russian embassy with rainbow-colored paint. Earlier in the month, topless feminists stormed the embassy, rainbow flag in tow. Then last week, during a march in protest of Putin’s anti-gay propaganda law, activists recreated a photo of neo-Nazis torturing a gay teen, who later died.


Glasgow Pride in Scotland; Photo: Equality Network

At least 150 protesters showed up to demonstrate in front of the Russian consulate in Edinburgh on Friday, while over the weekend, Glasgow held its annual Pride march, drawing a record turnout of more than 7,000 people. Alastair Smith, Chief Executive of Pride Glasgow told LGBTQ Nation that the parade sent a “message reminding our Russian friends that they are not alone.”

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  • balehead

    Iis this a whites only issue??? Over 70 countries have worse laws for minorities that are gay…..where were their protests?…

  • tallskin2

    balehead, Wow! aren’t you a little mistress of negativity, eh?

    Are you saying that we should do nothing about Russia and Putin because the other homophobic 70 countries have not had demonstrations ?

  • Lustworthy

    @balehead: The Winter Olympics are being held in Russia, that’s why the protests are focused on (white) Russia’s so called anti-gay propaganda law. I do agree that there should be more protests against anti-gay laws in the Middle East, Africa, and other places as well (whether they host a world event or not). There are dozens of non-white countries where one can be put to death for engaging in a homosexual act.

  • palmergloria

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  • Cam


    Funny when everybody was attacking Uganda for the Kill the Gays Bill, or going after countries in the Middle East, I didn’t see you on here going “Hey, great, we are going after things going on in these countries.”

    No, what you do is pretend that that other stuff didn’t happen so you can come on here and blather out about this issue trying to create some racial issue that doesn’t exist.

    Please point out exactly what your issue is, are you unhappy that a country that only recently reinstated laws marginalizing gays is being protested? Are you unhappy that other countries around the world that participate in the winter Olympics are also experiencing protests against this country?

    Please, by all means lets here your actual complaint.

  • fagburn

    People in Israel complaining about human rights abuses in another country – no hypocricy there!

  • Daniel-Reader

    balehead-the real question to answer your question, would be: where are the black and asian GLBTA protestors protesting the bad laws in those 70 countries? These photos show dedicated caucasians protesting caucasians – which is great – so there needs to be more organizing for black and asian GLBTA protestors to protest the African, Caribbean, and Asian countries with bad laws. That way it has more of an impact than white people protesting non-white people who commit mass human rights violations.

  • Stevenw

    @Daniel-Reader: ‘These photos show dedicated caucasians protesting caucasians’ – are you sure? Second photo down, and its all non-whites snogging away in it. Good on them, I say.

  • erasure25

    @balehead: was it a black thing when we (including Hillary Clinton) were protesting Uganda?

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