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  • dvlaries

    Very handsome, but his eyes are a key factor in keeping you clicking the pages, so maybe the sunglasses shot was the wrong one to lead off with.

  • jeffree

    Roque & Roll! Ok, yeppers, he’s cute/ built/ hot, but he needs just a little help finding swimwear that’s the right size!

    “I’m going to Europe soon. Can he carry luggage for me? I just had surgery & need a travel assistant. Is he available?”

  • SouLKid

    Ok,does this guy have a picture where he doesn’t have his legs open?
    i kinda like how his underwear fits though. tighties are not necessarily always hot.


    #2~ Joachin Phoenix prior to getting fat, hairy, and crazed!

  • Hilarious

    @jeffree: I don’t think it fits wrong. I think he just doesn’t stuff his underwear like 99.9% of the guys on here.

    The Marky Mark look isn’t real. Even if it is hot.

  • Pip

    his cock looks huge

  • delurker again

    looks like tom welling. what ever happened to that guy?

  • RicherThanMostBetterThanAll

    First of all I want you all to know I’m defiantly posting from my new iPad!! Jeals? Ha! Anyway this guy is just nasty. Obvs when you get quality you know quality. This is just some trash with nicer abs than most it her trash. Make sense? I should think so

  • Rikard

    @dvlaries: eyes? he is pantless in nearly every shot and you are looking at his eyes? what gay planet are you from?

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