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  • Spike

    Why is it that regardless of where the Pride Parade pic was taken, the boys in their underwear, all have the same look, as in, wow, everyone really showed up just to see men and my abs?!!?

  • Daez

    @Spike: Same reason that every picture you see from a pride parade will focus on these hot hairless twenty something (or younger) twinks. At least the media stopped focusing solely on drag queens (not that I have anything against drag queens).

  • Picture 14

    Number 14 is Yara Sofia, if you guys call out Manilla and Milan you have to give a shout out to Yara as well.

  • Rob

    Great pictures once again Jeffrey James Keyes! Beautifully shot and they each convey a feel for the event and party- in particular love the picture of Cyndi Lauper!

  • EvonCook

    Cuomo gets far more credit than his actions warrant. He was not a very good Attorney General, and is pretty indebted to the real estate industry which supported his campaign to the tune of one out of every five dollars. So naturally, he’s not very tenant friendly. Maybe he should be reminded of the endless greed of parasitical landlords, especially in Manhattan, and that even gays, married or not, need to have affordable rents at the end of the day. Further, Coumo’s housing and regulatory department are in the landlords’ pockets, rubber stamp permanent MCI increase beyond annual increases and take years to decide issues before them. Justice delayed is justice denied.

  • Jo Oppenheimer

    Where are Phyllis & Connie, also Grand Marshals?
    Some nice shots but…why only Lauper?

  • Ftt

    I have to ask this, what are dragg queens?! Is it some quind of fetish where men dress has women?! And what is the connection to lgbt?! I just don’t understand why their are always in this parades..

  • Clarissa

    Gorgeous, GORGEOUS photos. They perfectly capture the joy and exuberance of the day. I wish I could have been there!

  • LongIslandGayPhotos

    @EvonCook: Hi EvonCook, comments on Jeffrey James Keyes’ photos is not really a good venue for a discussion of the rights and wrongs of rent control…. I have strong feelings one way that are very influenced by my parents having rented out what had been their living space over my Dad’s office (he was a doctor practicing in Jamaica, Queens). But I also have strong feelings about affordable housing!!!! I am lucky in that I happen to be able to sort of afford my house out here on Long Island. But I cringe when I think of what young people face when looking to live out here on their own!

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