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PHOTOS: Patrick Yourself on the Back


MORNING GOODS — There’s a hint of Antonio Banderas in 27-year-old Londoner Patrick, but it almost feels like we’re underselling him with that description. Especially since Banderas never fit into swim trunks quite like this. (Photos: Rey Lorenzo, Nick Andrews, Soma, PBG, Allan James)

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  • Denis B-B

    skip 16 but otherwise very niice

  • Dave Johnson

    “Patrick Yourself on the Back”? Yikes… bottom of the barrel on that title…

  • EricCz

    A face only a mother could love…great body, though….

  • Andrew W

    @Dave Johnson: I assume the diabolical puns are part of the site’s… uh… charm. No-one could come up with puns this bad without really trying.

    As for Patrick; he is utterly delightful.

  • prissysissy

    Pic 1 – eeewwww! Bad hair day?
    Looks more like Josh Brolin than Antonio Banderas, which is probably a good thing.

  • redherring


    ha, well put.

  • M Shane

    Javier Bardem: the guy who played Arenas in Before Night Falls: the famous gay cuban poet!

  • Steven

    Some of these photos are really good. Well shot, interesting and making the best of the model.

    The model himself is not exactly my type, but he has great abs.

  • RichardR

    @EricCz: I’m not a mother, and I could love his face. And all the rest of his luscious self, too.

  • hmmm

    What a gorgeous face. I wasn’t into pic 11, and pic 14 was more funny than sexy, but still, this guy is quite hot.

  • Suburban

    I like pic 3 (wanna see whats inside the purple swimshorts, nice bulge), and pic 8 (I’d go skinny dipping with him anyday).

  • alan brickman

    Superhot!! don’t be jealous.

  • Mark

    Gorgeous! And what a body! And no tattoos—double yay!

  • allancsn

    Beautiful – the abs in pic 2 make me so jealous – and for what it’s worth I think he’s got a really handsome face.
    I wouldn’t want to marry him but I sure wouldn’t mind spending a long weekend getting to know my way around him.

  • Brian M

    Fantastic…so many different looks. Variety is the spice of life.

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