PHOTOS: Seattle International Film Festival Delivers Jonathan Lisecki’s Gayby

Running nearly a month long, The Seattle International Film Festival is one of the nation’s largest and most prestigious. SIFF 2012 wrapped up last week. One of the highlights was the fest’s annual LGBT-interest “Gay-LA” screening on Wednesday, Jonathan Lisecki’s hysterically funny Gayby.

We caught the screening and trotted over to Capitol Hill gay lounge the Lobby Bar for the post-film reception.

Co-presented by Seattle’s Three Dollar Cinema, Gayby charts the attempts by Matt, an uptight gay New Yorker, to impregnate his longtime pal Jenn—the old-fashioned way!—even as they continue their respective dating lives. Expanded from Lisecki’s short by the same name, the film includes Adam Driver and Alex Karpovsky from HBO’s Girls in supporting roles. (“Lena Dunham shot that shit after my movie,” joked the director during the Q&A.)

Lisecki (right) is pretty hysterical in the film himself as Matt’s best friend, a self-proclaimed “nelly bear.” Wolfe Video is distributing Gayby later this summer. Maybe by then Jonathan will get hooked up with a part in Girlssecond season. Hannah needs her Stanford Blatch, right?

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