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PHOTOS: This Is A Vanderpump Brunch

IMG_1718If there’s one thing that gay people love even more than a parade, it’s Sunday brunch. Your hangover’s starting to wane, Monday is still far enough away, and there are eggs Benedict to be eaten, Bloody Marys to be be downed.

In West Hollywood brunch got a makeover this weekend with Huge Gay Brunch. It’s hosted at a new restaurant called PUMP Lounge (that capital lettering doesn’t stand for anything, they’re just really emphatic), owned by Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star Lisa Vanderpump.

The highlight of HGB is not the food but the the people-watching: lots of L.A.-type patrons who know how to cause a ruckus simply by raising an eyebrow, plus queer royalty like bearded drag queen Billy Francesca. And then there’s the pre-meal diversion of an obscene gay version of Cards Against Humanity.

Scroll on through our photo gallery for evidence…

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