PHOTOS: Trannyshack LA with Lady Bunny & Wendy Ho is Beyond the Living End

This weekend saw the return of Trannyshack L.A., the road-show version of the nearly 18-year-old San Francisco drag extravaganza. True to form, the performers set new standards for beauty, talent, and tastelessness.

Oh, how to choose our favorite moment? There was the playfully sexy tribute to Apocalypse Now, a bowl of bukkake, a Liza impression that knocked our bowler hat off, Devan M. strutting her stunning gams, jokes of archaeological interest from Lady Bunny, and the possible transmission of herpes during a congress with a microphone.

Scroll on for a selection of our favorite shots.


Love, Connie performed in front of a projection a scene from Apocalypse Now, and then was caught unawares when her helicopter unexpectedly left without her.



Heklina stabbed Toxic Waste while playing that song by what’s-her-name that goes “hey I just met you and this is crazy.”



What can we say about Miss Honey Bee other than YAAAAAAASSSS. Look at her, all wreathed in furs and flanked by hotties. This is one of the hardest-working drag queens in Los Angeles and the crowd screamed for her. More photos of this show-stopper appear below.



Ambrosia Salad made what might be her namesake by inviting men over to provide … um … issue into a bowl. Here, gorgeous James Cerne delivers the male.



Miss Honey Bee. Stop it. We die. We just die. And who are your boys? Next time make them lick each other please.

This girl brought in such a towering setpiece that the stagehands nearly knocked the venue over while carrying it offstage.



Oh Connie, you scamp.



Here’s Cupcake Canne doing an insanely spot-on Liza. We have seen many a drag queen attempt Sally Bowles, but never have we seen such a flawless look and perfect dance.



Here is our fantasy about Devan M.:

She is the captain of an pirate ship and we are her deck hands. On our first day out of port, she strides to the starboard bow, inspecting the ship. Her magnificent locks are tossed by the sea breeze but are never out of place; her billowing beard smells of salt and adventure. She turns and faces us, placing one stilettoed heel on the railing as she draws a treasure map from between her bosoms. The music swells.



Lady Bunny, ladies and gentlemen! Have you ever seen her lip-sync to a montage of pop songs with dirty words? Yeah, it was that.



Cupcake Canne and a modern-day Joel Grey make the world go around.



Former Trannyshack stagehand Matt has returned for one night only! Here he is mopping up blood, or semen, or worse. Lucky him! Bet he’s glad to be back.




We need to all stop what we’re doing and talk about Killer. This girl did a film noir number that was a knockout. That wig alone deserves a standing ovation — and can you catch a glimpse of the prison dress she’s about to reveal under the fur?



Here’s Matt the stagehand being adorable next to Heklina. Don’t leave us!




Wendy Ho tests her immune system.



We did not catch this queen’s name. Someone said it was Roxy Morecox but no, that’s not right. (Unless there are two Roxy Morecoxen?) Anyway, she got paint all over the front row like a gay Gallagher concert.

THRILLING UPDATE: It’s Roxy-Cotten Candy! The more you know.



GIRL. You are too much. Yes, alright, fine, we will marry you, okay, you don’t have to ask.



This is the only photo we can post of this particular number, because she immediately threw off the coat to reveal a dildo between her legs that she then hacked off with a pair of scissors, complete with spurting fake blood. At least we think it was fake. Probably? Anyway the whole thing is far too hot for this site’s temperament, alas. So if you want to catch the Trannyshack raunch in person, you’ll have to head to a show in SF, or the next L.A. visit in (possibly) May.

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  • krystalkleer

    gotta love the BUNNY :)

  • 90026

    While the show was good, I think “beyond the living end” is a bit of an overstatement.

    I have been a long time fan of Lady Bunny and have always regarded her as a legend. However, the following MUST BE SAID: Meaning no disrespect to her venerated performance history, I was very annoyed and disappointed that after being flown to Los Angeles from New York to do a show in a packed nightclub, Lady Bunny did not even think enough of her LA audience to arrive with a fresh show. I am mad that she seemed perfectly comfortable recycling dated threadbare material from the 1990’s and early 2000’s that has been plastered all over the internet for decades. What dismayed me even more was that she dishonored incredible newer talents such as Devan M Here and Killer with whom she shared the stage last night. While Lady Bunny has had a magical drag career, she would do well to remember that Angeleno’s have as much game as New Yorkers and that nothing wilts faster than a laurel that is rested on. People were over it.

    Heklina really impressed me last night. She keeps control over the stage and the crowd with such finesse. Her hostessing skills are some of the best I have ever seen in a drag showcase. And yes honey, just as you said on stage last night, you absolutely SHOULD move to Los Angeles!

  • Matt G

    ^^^ the library is open on weekends….

  • vanessacrepeau

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  • Spike

    Wow, Queerty uses the T word in the title of this post, if you use the very same word in a comment, you get the dreaded . . . Violation of Comments Policy response.

    Just a tiny bit hypocritical, Queerty?

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