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PHOTOS: Transgenialer CSD Gives Berlin Pride Without The Price Tag

Cities with two separate Prides aren’t unheard of—take Tokyo, for instance—but we’re pretty sure Berlin is the only one with two competing celebrations on the same day: the main Christopher Street Day party (CSD), and the lesser-known but growing Transgenialer CSD, both of which shook up the German capital on June 24.

Born 15 years ago out of the frustration that many Berliners felt over the over-commercialization of Christopher Street Day, TCSD is a proudly downmarket, sponsor-free and inclusive affair, espousing a far more political message and genderfuck attitude than perhaps any other Pride in the world. On Saturday, while the main parade made its way toward the Tiergarten, the ragtag Transgenialer proceeded though grittier Kreuzberg gayborhood before dumping out into Oranienstrasse for a haphazard, musical and booze-soaked evening.

Click through for more photos from Berlin’s Transgenialer CSD 2012.





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