Hate Crime

Police arrest machete-wielding teen in possible antigay hate crime

Troy Howley. Fox 5 Screenshot

Law enforcement in Washington, DC have arrested a juvenile wielding a machete spotted making threats and yelling anti-gay slurs this weekend.

The incident occurred in Northwest DC on Saturday. Fox DC 5 reports that the juvenile–who has not been publicly identified–began yelling anti-gay slurs at Troy Howley who was dining outside at Shaw’s Tavern, a local restaurant. The assailant also began stabbing cicadas on a nearby tree, and flicking them at the victim and his friends while they ate.

“I’ll silence you,” the attacker allegedly told his victim.

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Police have opened a hate crime investigation into the incident, which also happened to coincide with queer pride events in Washington this weekend. Nearby cameras also recorded the incident; investigators are also reviewing the footage.

“It was awful,” Howley told reporters. “I’m very happy that I’m alive to tell this story. Things could have ended very terribly.”

The incident at Shaw’s Tavern follows another hate crime in Washington DC last week in which three individuals attacked a transgender woman in a laundromat.