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Polish Lawmaker Robert Wegrzyn’s Joke About Lesbian Sex Gets Him Booted From Political Party

Imagine if American political parties booted their members for making anti-gay remarks: Rick Santorum, Newt Gingrich, and Michele Bachmann would all have to find a new party to call home. But in Poland, the center-right Civic Platform party has booted lawmaker Robert Wegrzyn from its roster after his February remarks about how he’d totally be into watching two ladies get it on, but not two dudes.

The remarks came when Wegrzyn was asked his position on civil partnerships. “We can forget about gay men [having the right to mary], but I would gladly watch lesbians,” he responded, and later apologized for it (“My views on relationships between two people are unchanging and conservative but this does not mean I am a homophobe or discriminate against anybody”). Whether he’s sorry for arguing gays “flaunt” their sexuality, I’m not sure. But it was enough to anger his party’s members, who voted to oust him. He’s appealing.

This, from a country that until 2010 was led by President Lech Kaczynski, who viewed homosexuality as the plague of society.