NEWS: Mario Lopez’s Xmas Balls, Jenni Rivera RIP & Jamie Foxx Is Alex Cross-Dressing

– This is how Mario Lopez hangs a star on his Christmas tree. You’re welcome. #SavedByTheBalls

– RuPaul will guest star on Happy Endings as a hairdresser who decides to take on resident gay slob Max. Is anyone else thinking bangs? On RuPaul, natch.

– Lindsay Lohan’s been hanging around/stalking The Wanted as of late, one of whom claims that she can party “nearly as hard” as they can. Honestly, show some goddamn respect and know your place.  No one from The Wanted could out drink an 11-year-old Lindsay on the set of The Parent Trap.

– Meanwhile, Taylor Swift continues her tear through the real life version of Tiger Beat by canoodling (on her private plane, no less) with Harry Styles from that other boy band, One Direction. He’d be better off with Lohan.

– This is the best wedding photo from Washington and perhaps of all time. Take a seat Taylor Swift, this is what a real beard looks like.

– Mexican-American singer and LGBT ally Jenni Rivera was among the nine people aboard a fatal plane crash on December 9. There were no survivors.

– 26-year-old Lady Gaga will be performing with The Rolling Stones for their 50th anniversary concert, “One More Shot.”

– Turns out Psy —  the Korean pop sensation behind that meme to end all memes, “Gangnam Style” — said some not-too nice things about America — “kill those fucking yankees” comes to mind — before hitting it big.

– Jamie Foxx turned in his best performance since Ray in the gender-bending faux trailer for Tyler Perry Presents: Alex Cross during Saturday Night Live. This makes us almost want to watch a Tyler Perry or Jamie Foxx movie…almost.