NEWS: Mario Lopez’s Xmas Balls, Jenni Rivera RIP & Jamie Foxx Is Alex Cross-Dressing

– This is how Mario Lopez hangs a star on his Christmas tree. You’re welcome. #SavedByTheBalls

RuPaul will guest star on Happy Endings as a hairdresser who decides to take on resident gay slob Max. Is anyone else thinking bangs? On RuPaul, natch.

– Lindsay Lohan’s been hanging around/stalking The Wanted as of late, one of whom claims that she can party “nearly as hard” as they can. Honestly, show some goddamn respect and know your place.  No one from The Wanted could out drink an 11-year-old Lindsay on the set of The Parent Trap.

– Meanwhile, Taylor Swift continues her tear through the real life version of Tiger Beat by canoodling (on her private plane, no less) with Harry Styles from that other boy band, One Direction. He’d be better off with Lohan.

– This is the best wedding photo from Washington and perhaps of all time. Take a seat Taylor Swift, this is what a real beard looks like.

– Mexican-American singer and LGBT ally Jenni Rivera was among the nine people aboard a fatal plane crash on December 9. There were no survivors.

– 26-year-old Lady Gaga will be performing with The Rolling Stones for their 50th anniversary concert, “One More Shot.”

– Turns out Psy —  the Korean pop sensation behind that meme to end all memes, “Gangnam Style” — said some not-too nice things about America — “kill those fucking yankees” comes to mind — before hitting it big.

– Jamie Foxx turned in his best performance since Ray in the gender-bending faux trailer for Tyler Perry Presents: Alex Cross during Saturday Night Live. This makes us almost want to watch a Tyler Perry or Jamie Foxx movie…almost.

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  • RomanHans

    Really — Mario Lopez? You know his wedding took place at “Girls Gone Wild” owner Joe Francis’ house, and he’s still a big Chick Fil A fan? I’m more annoyed than aroused by men who are so stupid they veer into misogyny and homophobia.

  • NateB79

    Why would he be running around like that in front of his kids? His ass cheeks are hanging out.

  • Bascha

    Are you kidding me? So he just walks around like he’s competing in a 1990s He-Man contest while at home? What a joke.

  • John Doe

    The entire Mario / Chick Fil A thing is completely overblown. Mario has generally been very LGBT supportive for many years. I’m sure that there are many younger readers here that have forgotten (or don’t even realize) that Mario played the movie role of Greg Louganis (Olympic diver) 15 years ago. The entire movie was about Greg Louganis and him being gay, with HIV, etc. That was in 1997 and within one year of DOMA being signed. The USA was obviously very gay unfriendly then…. and yet Mario was one of the few straight actors who was willing to play a gay part on TV and when there were very few “out” stars, etc. That was actually the same year that Ellen came out… which was such a huge thing on TV at the time. Talk about a major thing at the time for both him playing that part…. and for Ellen coming out. So, I’m not anxious to jump on the bandwagon for 1 Twitter statement that doesn’t even say much unless you twist it around. So what… he says he misses a popular place to eat on a day that it is closed. But, I know that a handful in the gay community love to do exactly that…. twist things around. They grab ahold of 1 statement and ignore a lifetime of other things. Anything to make a scene over something. Thankfully most people have more common sense than that.

  • John Doe

    @Bascha: Many dads walk around the house in their underwear. Not sure this is breaking news or unusual. My dad did it…. and my guess is that 90% of dads do. Especially in latin American cultures…. they’re not as modest as we are in the USA. Just look at the sungas and speedos that are rather common in many countries for guys. Yet here in the USA most young guys wear long board shorts at the beach. Even so, many dads and guys wear their boxers or briefs around the house. It certainly was true in my house… and my husband’s house growing up.

  • John Doe

    What surprises me about the Mario photo is that it went public. You’d think most personal family photos like that, especially showing the butt so evidently, would not leave the house.

  • Kwei

    You sure that’s Mario? Anyway, walking around in your underwear in your own house is no crime, children or not. It’s not like you’re flashing your genitals at them. Jeez.

  • Aries3dc

    This is beyond ridiculous on Mario’s part. (especially for allowing this pic to see the light of day!) And I’m totally okay with people not wearing pants in their own home, but please…NateB79 is right…his ass is hanging out in his daughter’s face! not cute people.

  • TrekBear

    We should all be as comfortable with our bodies as Mario is. It’s a shame that we perpetuate body-shame by not acknowledging ourselves. Besides, the kid in this photo is too young to understand sexualization/eroticizing of body parts.

  • John Doe

    @TrekBear: I agree. Although letting this photo go public is odd, any complaints about him wearing such clothes at home seem very prudish and judgmental. Kids aren’t half as prudish and judgmental as adults, nor do they sexualize everything like some adults do. It’s like anti-gay people that say that gay marriage and gays are all about sex and promiscuity.

  • RomanHans

    @John Doe: Uh, dude, you’re the one who’s twisting words around. So Lopez tweeting that he likes Chick Fil A right after they’d taken a clear, well-publicized anti-gay platform wasn’t stupid? Yes or no.

  • John Doe

    @RomanHans: No, it wasn’t stupid. Some in the gay community have made a big stink out of nothing. This hyper sensitivity is just a bunch of drama.

  • Spike

    Keep your family photos within the family, please.

  • Bob LaBlah

    How quick we forget that he has an underwear line that he is trying to sell. Desperate is what desperate does.

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