Popular Mexican Band Drops Anti-Gay Slur From Song “As An Act Of Solidarity”

MolotovIn light of the violent anti-gay attack that forced a 19-year-old Chilean teen to have his leg amputated, Mexican rock band Molotov announced this week that they will nix the word “maricon” from a song during their upcoming North American tour.

Last month, Esteban Navarro was attacked by a machete-wielding gang in Peñalolen, Chile, who reportedly called him “maricon” during the struggle. He was quickly taken to a hospital where he underwent a 15-day leg amputation surgery in order to stay alive.

Via Twitter:

“We are saddened by the recent attack on Esteban Navarro in Chile. This was an act of violence because they are LGBT. As an act of solidarity with Esteban Navarro and the LGBT community, we are choosing to refrain from using the word “maricon” in our song lyrics during our upcoming U.S. tour. This word was used by Esteban’s assailants in this pointless attack, and therefore, has no place in our set.”

The word “maricon” is Spanish slang for “faggot,” and is included in a Moltov song titled “Puto.” “Puto” literally translates to English as “male prostitute,” though many argue it is also used as an offensive anti-gay slur.

The band has been further pressured to strike the song entirely from the setlist, but Moltov quickly posted a note on Facebook defending the song’s message:

“Our music gives a voice to the people who aren’t in a position to do so for themselves and often times we sing about things that some governments don’t want you to see or hear. It is in this context that we composed the song “Puto.” It was conceived as a athartic song about our situation in Mexico at the time in the late ‘90’s and dedicated to anyone who attempts our freedom, to any coward who attempts against the people and to anyone who attempts against humanity. It was never meant to disrespect the gay community.”

Fans defending the band on Facebook have also suggested that “maricon” doesn’t carry as heavy a negative connotation as “faggot” does. Though, one could argue, that it was negative enough to be the choice words a gang of machete-weilding assholes dismembering an innocent teenager.

What do you think? Should Moltov strike the song “Puto” altogether, or is removing the word “maricon” enough?

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