Prince Appears At Tower Records In L.A.

Prince face

It rained purple drops in L.A. last night when Prince dropped in for a surprise concert at Tower Records on Sunset Blvd. He performed, with Sheila E. on drums, some of his older songs, presumably not from the banned-by-Jehovah list, and some from his new record 3121, which was released today. The atmosphere in the record store was calm as spectators seemed to be awestruck by his presence. An eyewitness provided the following details:

1. He wore his standard cat-eye liquid liner and a white feathered fedora.
2. His manicured facial hair is just this side of a Fu Manchu.
3. He had identical-twin backup dancers.
4. So many tambourines!
5. He had a leopard-print guitar strap and he seems to be growing a duck tail.
6. He is sexier than you’d think, you are not immune.

Between the fedora, the duck tail, and the eyeliner, she doesn’t have to tell us twice that Prince is sexy. We don’t believe that wrinkles will ever impede his ability to melt our hearts.

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