Principal No Pal To Gays

Ew. While we on the subject of nausea, a Tennessee principal has come under fire for singling out a gay couple, of whom she openly disapproved. Hollis F. Price Middle College’s Daphne Beasley last year went around and asked teacher to compile a list of all known student couples so that she could “monitor PDA,” which has been an elementary bane since our school days back in the 1800’s.

Of the couples gathered, and displayed on the educator’s desk, homo-partners Andrew and Nicholas received special attention, especially when Beasley – or Beastly – approached Nicholas’ mother and essentially outed him. The principal also told the woman that she disapproved of such behaviors. And that’s hardly the worst of it…

The honor student [Nicholas] underwent further humiliation, in addition to verbal harassment, when taken out of the running for a class trip to New Orleans related to rebuilding efforts, as a risk to the school’s image; Nicholas was told that there were fears he’d embarrass the school by engaging in “inappropriate behavior.”

The ACLU’s on the case, of course, and demanding that Beasley’s superiors dispense some serious finger wagging. Meanwhile, attorney Bruce Kramer offers a what should be a universal truth: “This is a public high school that runs on taxpayer dollars. As such, it is part of the government and must obey the Constitution in dealing with the students entrusted to its care each day.”

Maybe Beasley missed that lesson…