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Pro wrestler Anthony Bowens reveals how he met his boyfriend. Spoiler alert: It’s complicated.

Last year, professional wrestler Anthony Bowens boldly came out as bisexual in a YouTube clip alongside boyfriend Michael Pavano (pictured, above right).

The couple, still very much together, decided to address a few questions they’ve received from fans in recent months – particularly how they met, which is quite the tangled tale.

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“I was in the closet at the time,” Bowens says, “and I was scanning through Instagram when I came across his profile.”

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He wanted to send Pavano a message but was initially apprehensive. Finally, he worked up the nerve and sent a DM.

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Then, wouldn’t you know it, he learned Pavano was in an on-again/off-again relationship with some other character.

“It was the last break that we took before we made it official that it was over,” Pavano says. “And that’s when I met [Bowens] and was instantly attracted to him. I was just like ‘wow’.”

“I even told my ex at the time that I was so attracted to him as soon as we got back together after that break.”

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Well, Pavano’s BF at the time was none too pleased to hear this news, sending Bowens a message effectively saying, “I would really like it if you didn’t message him any more.”

So Bowens deleted both Michael and his BF from his account, and went about his wrestly ways.

He didn’t hear from Pavano for three months. Then one day, The Friend Request came.

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Bowens met Pavano a day before his birthday at a bar and the two men “instantly clicked.”

A second date, this time at the beach, made them realize they had much in common.

“That day I knew this is the guy that I can see myself with. He is so spontaneous, he’s so fun; he’s up for anything.”

Watch the video below: 

Lead image photographed by Scott Lesh