Project Runway Recap: Fashion And Contestants On-The-Go

This week’s challenge was to make a day-to-night outfit for a woman on-the-go. And in their own special way, Andrea and Kooan took this challenge to heart by on-the-going right out of the damn competition.

Andrea, distraught from the previous challenge, disappeared in the middle of the night and then sent an e-mail confirming her departure. (I’m assuming from an Apple). Kooan made a speech declaring his decision to leave. Some contestants thought he was joking, which is fair considering most of what comes out of his mouth is absurd mutterings.

To even the playing field a bit, the producers brought back Raul, a 1-for-2 exchange I’m not too happy about. But let’s get to the important stuff: the twelve looks by the contestants who didn’t quit.


Winner and Queerty fave
When you start the runway show with this grey jersey fabulousness, it’s hard to go anywhere but down. Thanks for making something beautiful, Sonjia—even though you made everyone else just look a little more “meh.”



Speaking of meh. Sorry. I mean, it’s clean and fine. I’m just not a fan.



Making four garments is quiet the undertaking for a one-day challenge, and when everything you make is black, it’s difficult to differentiate your leggings from your hooded cardigans. Either way, I’m glad that Melissa showed us that she has the most talent for smothering her model with yards and yards of fabric.


Bottom 2
There was so much panic about this dress! But it really was just too short—and too boring. The judges wanted him to pull inspiration from those ropes he wears as necklaces, but it seems like he’s determined to use them to hang himself.


Oh hey there, clean lines.


It doesn’t wow, but when you’re competition is an ill-fitting pink smock, there’s little cause for worry.



Top 3
This was certainly the best made garment of the night—or at least that’s what I gathered from the judges repeatedly saying that. It might have been more engaging in a, y’know, color, but I’ve not yet convinced semi-android-robot-man-Dmitry can see colors.



This week, Ven showed the world something he hasn’t yet (no, not impeccable construction). He showed emotion… sort of! Ven hates the opposite of Ven, which is Raul and his terrible technical skills.

Nice dress Ven, but I’m really glad to now know that you’re still human like the rest of us.



Bottom 3
We lost Andrea and Kooan in exchange for this? It’s a cruel, cruel world sometimes.




Sorry, what? I couldn’t hear you over the terrible noise; someone just keeps banging this one note over and over and over again.




I feel like Busy Philipps’ character on Cougar Town wore a better version of this dress once. Or maybe it was someone on a poster for Jerseylicious? Buffi, I love your crazy hair and the painful way you spell your name, but this elimination was fair. Chin up, though. At least Nathan had something nice to say: “It walks well.”




Top 3
Hard. Soft. Fab. Modern. Relatable. Insert sixth adjective. Homeboy has beyond redeemed himself from last week.


Jason Sweeten is a contributing writer for Queerty. Though it’s kind of a trend, he won’t be quitting this week.