Prop 8 Language Sticks As CA Ballots Finalized

California’s voting ballots are almost set to go to print – and the Proposition 8 language will stay the same.

Right wing activists have been fighting for weeks to change wording on the measure, which would overturn this year’s gay marriage win. Non-profit collective Yes on 8 claim that Attorney General Jerry Brown’s harsh working would encourage a “no” vote, thus leaving same-sex nuptials in place.

Two courts have ruled against their argument and now it seems they’re taking defeat gracefully. The coalition’s spokeswoman Jennifer Kerns remarked, “We intend to leave the final outcome to the voters.”

A recent fund raising tally shows that Proposition 8 supporters have raised about $3.7 million, while progressive parties have about $4.1 million. Approximately 51% of voters said they plan to vote against the prohibitive legislation.