Prop 8 Lawyers Olson & Boies Agree: Interracial Loving Paved The Way For Same-Sex Marriage

In the video above, Ted Olson and David Boies—the lawyers seeking to overturn Prop 8—provide their explanation of the legal precedent for same-sex marriage equality: a historic Supreme Court ruling in favor of interracial marriage or as Spike Lee would call it, Jungle Fever.

It’s the 44th anniversary of the landmark Loving versus Virginia case where African-American/Native-American descendant Mildred married caucasian born Richard Loving despite Virginia’s miscegenation laws. Milly and Dick figuratively said, “Damn the man” and their outlaw marriage ended up legalizing interracial marriage nationwide. In their landmark decision, the Supremes declared marriage as one of the “basic civil rights of man.”

Of course, we don’t know if Olson and Boies’ case will affect California, the northwest or the entire nation yet. But it’s interesting to see Mildred quoted as another black person who see similarity in the civil rights movement and the battle for queer rights.

What would Wanda Sykes say? After all, she thinks “Being gay is harder than being black.” Has she ever had an interracial lover? Inquiring minds want pictures.