Proposed Iowa Law Would Let Businesses Discriminate Against Gay Marriages (And Catholic Marriages)


The best part of Iowa’s Religious Conscience Protection Act, which will be heard today by the House’s Standing Judiciary Subcommittee, is that not only will it permit the legal discrimination by businesses and organizations based on somebody’s same-sex marriage status, it would also permit the legal discrimination based on somebody’s religious marriage status. Or inter-generational marriage status. Basically any problem you found with somebody else’s marriage — she married for the money! he married a Muslim! she got married but is too old to have kids! — would be grounds to deny them services and kick them out of your store. Huzzah! Says the bill’s Republican sponsor Rep. Richard Anderson: “I think what we’re trying to do is balance constitutional amendments. There is the 14th Amendment that we’ve heard a lot about. There’s also the First Amendment.”

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  • gregger

    How long would it take to remove a State from the US? If IA passes this they need to go away.

  • Jack

    Oh, Republicans. I can always count on you doing the stupidest shit. Oh lookie! Here’s the asshat-in-question’s email address:

    [email protected]

  • kernelt

    I hate when people pull out the Bill of right for their ill causes… The freedom of speech and the Bill of right does not protect harmful acts bestow by one person on another. just because you are allow to speak does not mean you can said false and harmful/hate around, the same apply with right to bare arm. Just because you’re allow to carry gun does not mean you can use it to harm other unless you yourself are in danger.

    There is no ground for which hate can stand to justify itself.

  • Josephine Pettinger

    Next thing you know they’ll be looking to enforce a law to discriminate against Jews, Athiests, or anyone who doesn’t go to a certain church. Lets move on and not back the stone age. Let’s celebrate diversity on and not hatred.

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