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The “Putin Shirtless Challenge” is inspiring Russian hunks to show their stuff on Instagram

Following widely-circulated photos of trollish Russian President Vladimir Putin sunbathing sans shirt while on vacation in Siberia, Pavel Durov — the eccentric entrepreneur and founder of social networking website VKontakte and Telegram– concocted a challenge for his legion of Instagram followers.

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He explains the rules like so:

“My Instagram had to seriously step up the game to keep up with the increased competition from Mr. Putin’s shirtless photos. If you’re Russian, you have to join #PutinShirtlessChallenge (or face oblivion). Two rules from Putin – no photoshop, no pumping. Otherwise you’re not an alpha.”

As you can see, Durov’s followers are game as hell (and really rather ripped):

???? ? ??????)) #putinshirtlesschallenge

A post shared by Artem Smagin (@smag_art) on

??? ???????? #PutinShirtlessChallenge #kronbars #itmo #????

A post shared by ?????????? (@kostyankostyan) on


A post shared by Y A N• (@yandmitrievich) on

??????? ??????. #putinshirtlesschallenge

A post shared by ???? (@zerdigos) on

? #PutinShirtlessChallenge

A post shared by i 2 4 0 6 (@i.24.06) on

?????? ?? ???? ???????? ??? ???????? ????? ???????? ?? @durov, ??????? ???? ????? ??????? ? #putinshirtlesschallenge

A post shared by Aleksandr Rodionov (@rodionovsanyaa) on

??????? ? ???? ????? #putinshirtlesschallenge #reporter #tv #jajaja #lol #news

A post shared by Nikolay Sokolov (@sokolovnikolaytv) on

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  • ChrisK

    I hope this is only meant to mock the murdering psychopath.

  • Spike

    In the meantime, all the American fat ass 20somthing MAGA losers are showing up wearing khaki pants and a white polo t.shirt like their god emperor el trumpo!

    • BriBri

      Sheets and a white cone hat, would that make you happy?

    • NateOcean

      Just google “Trump tennis photo” for a close up view of his wide-angle arse.

    • batesmotel

      You must be blind. Many of the young Trump guy voters are hot. They’re also more masculine than the men that are against Trump.

  • Juanjo

    Notice that one photo posted there is not a Russian but rather a US football player of Polish extraction?

    • ProfessorMoriarty

      I’m not gonna complain. I’m always gonna loves me some Gronk-tastic goodness. Damn but that boy is fyyyyine.

  • Josh447

    Hilarious, though I’d add to the rules, long dark pants and sunglasses to match the challenge. Putin is not an overdone muscle twink.

  • canadalaw

    At least one of these gentleman are not straight ( look at some of their other pics) , so I would guess its a bit of a swipe at Putin.

  • PoetDaddy

    I don’t get how old man Vlad and his flabby tits are the inspiration for this.

    • batesmotel

      Because he’s the first ruler to take his shirt off and let look halfway decent. He wasn’t flabby. Gays tend to over exaggerate another guys appearance.

    • AJBray

      I don’t even prefer men and I’ll look at Justin Trudeau shirtless…ALL. DAMN. DAY.

      And then the yoga?! Byyyyye. *drools*

  • Marvellis1

    I thought that Trump and Putin were going to get married?

    • AJBray

      They must be registered for one helluva lot of white sheet sets…

  • James

    would you stop with the putin glorification game. it’s pathetic.

    • BriBri


  • baal61

    In a country where gay bashing and torture’ home invasions and video recording of attacks of even suspected homosexuals is sanctioned by putrid disgusting Putin’ this had better be in protest’ otherwise I’m disgusted!

  • AJBray

    Can there be a “Look Like Trudeau Boxing” contest instead?

  • stevetalbert

    Did all the fallout give them chemo??!! Russians dont have body hair??!!

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