Queen Latifah Not Out, But May Become A Mother Soon

Last week on The View, Queen Latifah discussed a recent interview with More magazine in which she revealed she hoped to adopt a child soon.

“I’m actually kind of working on that,” Queen Latifah told Barbara Walters and the girls on Wednesday. “I think I saw one of those specials, you know, those movies of the week and I just always wanted to bring a child home. It didn’t matter where the child came from.”

When Walters pressed her on the point, Latifah repiled “No, I’m totally serious.” She then joked: “So if you’ve got a kid that you don’t … Just give me a year, let me set up camp and then send me the kid.”

It’s always odd when a celebrity who’s made a point to say their personal life is private discusses intimate matters like adoption and having kids.

Then again, this could be the first step to Latifah admitting she’s a lesbian: Both Clay Aiken and Ricky Martin had kids shortly before they came out.


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