Queertyin’ the GLAAD Awards

Queerty was your eyes and ears at the GLAAD Awards on Saturday and to pass the the time on the red carpet we played the “Who who would you boink, who would you marry, who would you kiss?” game with Judith Light, had a moment with the boys of As the World Turns and dreamed of a day when Tyra Banks would glance our way.

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  • John from England(used to be just John but there are other John's)

    I loathe Tyra.

  • Tom in COS

    HAHAHA! This was greatness, and it made me love JD Salvatore just a little bit more then I already do. She’s like the lesbian film making mama that i never had.

  • Dan

    It looks like it was a fun evening, but we would probably be wise to ask ourselves what GLAAD actually accomplishes for gay equality.

    When the were created over 20 years ago, they vigilantly monitored the media for homophobia and then used grassroots activism to challenge that homophobia. Today, they are well-funded and well-paid, but they are basically known for these awards ceremonies. When something homophobic comes up, they usually ignore it, or at best issue a press release. Obviously, this is better than nothing, but when they are sucking up millions of gay donations, “better than nothing” doesn’t cut it.

  • getreal

    It’s F—. marry, kill. The games loses it’s meaning when you change kiss to kill. It is a weird but fun game.

  • alan brickman

    They’re more “starfucker” than “activist” for a long time now….

  • 7SnowyNights

    That Van Hansis boy is making me a little woozy…

  • dgz

    Japhy, let me give you a piece of constructive advice:

    if you want an answer to a question, never phrase it in a way that allows for a yes/no answer. i.e. “do you want to comment on ____?”

    and what’s with the house-beat background muzac? fun video, though.

  • DinPS

    Not to diss your reporting or anything, but the NYC GLAAD Media Awards were on SATURDAY night, not Sunday.

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