QUOTE: The Avengers‘ Chris Hemsworth Says Growing Up, He Was “The Girl” In The Family


“My mum always used to say to me that, out of her three boys, ‘Chris, you were the girl.’ I’d speak to her about far more things than [my brothers] would and far more things than she needed to hear about, too. I was a chatty kid.”

The AvengersChris Hemsworth, offering an inside look at his family dynamic, in the latest issue of Out magazine.

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  • EdWoody

    So being talkative and open with your parents makes you a girl. Okay, good to know.

  • MikeE

    is it me or.. that pic really doesn’t look like him?

  • DenverHo

    If THAT is a girl in his family, then I’d love to see d*ck on his sister!

  • lonnie

    The world’s idea of gender and gender roles is really messed up and always has been. Why do people compare anything less than a macho male to the female of the species? But, more importantly, why is being compared to a female considered an insult? It is wrong on so many levels. How many times have we heard military leaders and coaches of sports teams in movies or tv say things like “ok ladies”, or “come on girls”? We know that it is meant as an insult, as something that means they better get those masculine asses in gear and man up, because to woman up is not ok. I was a gay child, I am a gay man; I wasn’t a girl, and incredibly, I’m still not although everyone in my family and neighborhood assumed that I wanted to be one because I wasn’t a “regular boy”. Will the human race ever actually grow up? I’m really doubting it.

  • JayKay


    Calm down little lady, it was one harmless comment from one harmless interview. No need to get hysterical.

  • Jay

    Lonnie, part of the problem is that there are gay men who are femme/effeminate and a lot of people assume that if you’re a gay man that you must be “one of the girls” or a total flaming queen that gives everyone that’s LGBT a bad name and is a walking stereotype.

  • William

    @EdWoody: R-O-F-L-M-A-O

    I swear, the comment section on Queerty gives me life.

  • Joe stratford

    The fact that gay flamers are known as THE gay, is not a problem caused by femmes. It’s a problem caused by “straight acting” gays who have and are hiding in closets afraid of their own shadows. If these “straight acting” gays grew some balls, they would show the other side of gayness. But, even until now, the “straight acting” gays are too chicken as a group to fight for gay rights.

    Oh yeah I said it! If you prefer to be in the closet or blend in over getting your rights recognized, you have zero right to complain because you are the problem!

  • Stephen


    I’m “straight-acting”. I’m also completely out of the closet with my family, my coworkers, my neighbors… And I march and do activist work all the time.

    Don’t hate just because I have no fashion sense, can fix cars, or build cool stuff with metal and wood.

    Some of us are completely happy being boys, and are really uncomfortable trying to be pushed into the purse-falling-out-of-yer-mouth-while-you-lisp-and-swish-away stereotype.

    Some of us are butch. Get the fuck over it.

  • Hephaestion

    He is one HOT mamma-jamma!

  • samo

    I’m pretty masculine (I hate the term “straight acting”) and like any normal man o pride myself on my masculinity and there is nothing wrong with that. You can be gay and be naturally masculine. And Lonnie the readon why men call other men girls as an insult is because neing a man is superior on every way to being a woman you being a man should already no that.

  • sam

    Who is this guy??

  • Pickles

    Stereotypical clap trap. Who are you, Don Draper?

    What does not having a fashion sense have to do with sexual orientation?

    Anyone who get’s up in the morning and manages to select and put on clothing has A fashion sense.

    You think drag queens and/or feminine men don’t know how to fix a car, rope a steer, chop down a tree, dig a ditch, lay bricks?

    One kind of activity has nothing to do with the other and the myth that they are hand in glove should have been debunked decades ago.

    You think only straight men “build cool stuff with metal and wood” so anyone else who does is “straight-acting” (even the lesbians?)

    Archaic nonsense about men and women’s “roles” is the kind of redic I’d expect from frat boys, not adult gay men to whom I’m suppose to look up and see as role models.

    It’s just replacing one set of stereotypes for another.

    Unless you’re having sex with women, what exactly does “straight-acting” mean when you are a man?

    Homophobes hate gay men because they have same sex sex. Whether they are swinging a sledge hammer or swinging a Birkin bag is irrelevant.

    Folks need to wake up to the fact that the fight for gay rights is not about who is more masculine and who’s dick is bigger and who can grow the most chest hair.

    If every time someone says “Oh, but you don’t look/act/seem gay because you so very manly and don’t fit the 1950s stereotype of Paul Lynde gay” your tail starts wagging, you have issues.

    We, as gay and lesbian people, should be protecting each other and defending each other against homophobia, heterosexism and the inherent misogyny in criticizing men who aren’t masculine.

    Using traditional female cues to insult another man is sexist, it’s woman-hating.

    It’s basically saying “You are like a woman and women are weak/inferior therefore you are weak/inferior” to another man when you say things like “Purse falling out of your mouth”

    I won’t even get into the fact that most women are NOT “naturally” feminine in the stereotypical ways straight and gay men assume.

    Women are allowed to wear pants and cut their hair and vote now.

    At the end of the day, people are who they are and we all deserve to be treated with respect and support.

    We should all be free to express ourselves and our gender and sexuality however we want and feel most comfortable and remain free of ridicule, abuse and discrimination as long as we aren’t hurting anyone else or infringing on someone else’s rights.

    That is what we are supposed to be fighting for.

    I swear, some of us are so concerned with how we “look” to straight folks and busy worrying about being “tolerated” by homophobes based upon surface, individualistic nonsense , we don’t actually see how self-hating it is to think that way.

  • Stephen


    Wow. Someone got hysterical.

  • Stephen


    “What does not having a fashion sense have to do with sexual orientation?”

    Exactly. I meant to point out the absurdity of the stereotype. Did you read the comment I responded to claiming that those of us who, pardon the term, “pass” are “hiding in the closets and afraid of their own shadow”? Maybe you should.

    Maybe.. stay with me here… Maybe the stereotypes are bad NO MATTER WHO THEY ARE APPLIED TO.

    I can’t help it if I am read as straight by everyone I meet, even though once you get to know me, I am clearly not.

    Now, BREATHE…

  • samo

    Pickles that’s because women are weak and inferior to men. As soon as gay men wake up to that fact and love and accept their inner natural masculinity and stop trying to be “one of the girls” then everything will change for us. I call my straight buds girls all the time when they’re acting unmanly I also tell them to stop acting like a little bitch that’s just how guys mess with each other

  • Stephen

    And insisting that those of us who don’t fit the queeny stereotype are somehow not “being our true selves” is an assholish thing to say.

  • Stephen

    @Samo Naw, women are AWESOME! I just don’t want to fuck one or be one.

  • Danny

    Part of the bargain of being in hollywood is acting straight 24/7 – small price to pay for fame and fortune. Plenty of non-hollywood gay guys get married to women and have kids without getting anything else out of it. No different for actors except they get fame and fortune. Most roles are given to ‘straight’ people – the high paying ones so pretending to be straight pays off.

  • samo

    Stephen to each their own. But at least with men you know where you stand and they don’t play manipulative games or gossip abou their so called friends. Male bonding is a beutiful and powerful thing and don’t think women aren’t jealous of it. Its very unconditional and not fake or superficial like a lot of the “friendships” between women and catty effiminate gay men

  • Chris

    Samo, you must not hang out with a lot of masculine men. Masculine men-even straight ones-have fake friendships all the time, gossip about each other, play games, and yes it can all be fake and superficial.

  • Belize

    @JayKay: Of course you would know that. Considering the fact that your countless bigoted comments toward women have yet to cause a meteor to come and squash that puny brain of yours, I would agree and say that this is a “harmless comment.”

    @samo: LOL. I’m not surprised that you are this stupid considering the fact that you don’t even know the difference between “no” and “know.”

  • Belize

    @samo: “Stephen to each their own.”

    This coming from someone who pretty much told gay people how to think by saying “As soon as gay men wake up to that fact and love and accept their inner natural masculinity and stop trying to be “one of the girls” then everything will change for us.”

    LOL. I love how easy it is to exploit your stupidity.

    “that’s because women are weak and inferior to men.”

    I’d have to say you’re mother’s pretty tough though. Imagine being a woman pregnant with something as dumb as you growing inside her. The mere fact she didn’t kill herself just shows you how tough women can be.

  • JayKay


    Someone’s a bit emotional…Heavy flow this month, miss?

  • J Stratford

    @Stephen: oh I dont care if you are butch as long as you dont care that some of us are NOT!

  • J Stratford

    But let’s set things straight.. it was the femmes who first fought for gay rights in Stonewall because they had no option to hide as not gay. The butch folks, were generally blending in and hiding and letting things be at the time. I generally dislike gays that are giggling like girls too but I recognize the critical role they played to get us the rights we now take for granted.

    This is why gays are seen more as femmes – they were the first ones out there. If you really want to change the stereotype, encourage “manly” gays should to out themselves more often, and not hide under their “averageness”. Unfortunately many of these “manly” gays go the other way and bully femme gays to cover up their own gayness – as if making femmes disappear will make them feel better about themselves. In which case they become part of the problem. If they carry this attitude on to adulthood by claiming that femmes should be marginalized, then they are still part of the problem.

  • LadyL

    @samo: God, you’re an ass. I started out content to just read the comments here and move on to other topics, but your praising of all things “masculine” while simultaneously trashing women is infuriating. Do you work at being this clueless and obtuse or does it come naturally to you?
    You wanna talk “masculine male bonding”? Fine; let’s talk about all those hetero he-men out there who get off on beating up both women AND queers. Throughout history, straight males have revealed themselves to be the most viciously insecure creatures on the planet, and gay men hiding behind straight personas and joining in on the bashing to protect their secret are a nasty close second–
    No. Reverse that. Gay men who pretend to be straight and crucify their own kind to protect their precious careers and reputations are the absolute worst for what should be obvious reasons, even to you. So let’s be careful about how ready we are to praise “straight-acting” gays and all things male, okay? There’s a difference between having a dick and behaving like one.

  • samo

    LadyL I do not pretend to be straight I’m open and out to everbody. How the hell does saying that being a man is superior to women and saying you like masculinity and male bonding equal you shoyuld approve of men who beat women? A man should NEVER hit a woman. I’m just OPENLY gay masculine gay guy that prefers hanging out with men to hanging out with women. I’m supposed to have gay pride brcause I’m gay but how dare I have masculine pride for being a man that means I must agree with women beaters! We’re men first and gay second
    Honor your inner natural masculinity and stop sounding like an angry man hating lesbian or a female wannabe transgendered.

  • Gay Bacon

    @lonnie: When someone has negative feelings, as a defense mechanism, the person’s ID will try to compensate with sometimes aggressive and irrational methods. The Ego will appease the ID by rationalizing it. As an example, when a person feels inferior, they try and show off achievements they’ve made in order to compensate for these negative feelings; ‘I am not inferior because I have accomplished this, that, and the other’, a superiority complex. When a man has a small penis, a part that is associated with masculinity, a man will try to compensate by buying a LARGE truck or a BIG rifle. So in this instance, most men in society might just be experiencing a lack of confidence in the masculinity department so they put themselves on a pedestal by lowering others and associating them with femininity; I am masculine because he is not.

    But back to the topic at hand. I’d bottom for Chris Hemsworth!!

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