Rabbi Bans Students From Eating Soy For Fear It May Turn Them Gay

There’s bad news for Hasidic vegetarians: The yeshiva of Gur (pictured) has allegedly banned students from eating any soy-based food products out of concern that it may lead to an increase in “gay sexual activity.”

According to a numerous reports, the rabbi of the ultra-orthodox Gur hasidic sect made the new rule based on a fear that the hormones in soy could turn boys more feminine and lead to “unwanted arousal.”

The ban reportedly comes from a belief that soy-based products contain hormones which, when eaten just once a week, can damage the spirituality of students by expediting how quickly they mature sexually.

Doctors and other health specialists, of course, have debunked this claim, saying there is no evidence whatsoever that puberty or sexual activity is increased by eating soy.

As Heeb Magazine points out, the war on soy is not this particular sect’s first brush with declaring secret gay-making behavior. Earlier this year, Gur Rabbi Abraham Benjamin Silberberg allegedly banned handshakes between men for fear it could turn them gay.

Photo credit: Your Jewish News.

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