Rabbi Bans Students From Eating Soy For Fear It May Turn Them Gay

There’s bad news for Hasidic vegetarians: The yeshiva of Gur (pictured) has allegedly banned students from eating any soy-based food products out of concern that it may lead to an increase in “gay sexual activity.”

According to a numerous reports, the rabbi of the ultra-orthodox Gur hasidic sect made the new rule based on a fear that the hormones in soy could turn boys more feminine and lead to “unwanted arousal.”

The ban reportedly comes from a belief that soy-based products contain hormones which, when eaten just once a week, can damage the spirituality of students by expediting how quickly they mature sexually.

Doctors and other health specialists, of course, have debunked this claim, saying there is no evidence whatsoever that puberty or sexual activity is increased by eating soy.

As Heeb Magazine points out, the war on soy is not this particular sect’s first brush with declaring secret gay-making behavior. Earlier this year, Gur Rabbi Abraham Benjamin Silberberg allegedly banned handshakes between men for fear it could turn them gay.

Photo credit: Your Jewish News.

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  • 2eo

    Is there any chance of banning these idiots on the grounds that them existing turns people into worthless vegetables.

  • Cam

    Hey Queerty,

    Funny that you haven’t written articles about the following…

    1. That the Mormon Church has been charged with violating election rules in Hawaii for pushing an anti-gay law but refusing to release the number of employees and funds contributed to the effort.


    2. That you once again will find ONE crazy Jewish Rabbi who is anti-gay and do a story on that even though the Jewish religion is the largest organized religion in the U.S. that not only ordains gay rabbis but will perform gay marriage ceremonies.

    So just so I understand it. Queerty is REFUSING to do an article on the fact that the Mormon church is not only interfering in Hawaii’s election by funding and pushing anti-gay legislation but has been charged with violating election policies, but you WILL continually try to find articles on one crazy Jewish guy that doesn’t like gays.

    I see it’s gone back to business as usual at Queerty.

    Oh, and here is a link to the Mormon church story to go with the other two I’ve already posted to you in the last few weeks.


  • anytimecowboy

    @Cam: Thank you for a very insightful comment. A we Jews know anti-Semitism is everywhere…Even on queerty.com

  • Daniel-Reader

    Actually Semite is an ethnicity, while Judaism is a religion. Just like Arab is an ethnicity, while Islam is a religion. Making fun of religions is not the same as racism. Religions are an arbitrary human preference changeable at will, inflicted upon children by their parents, and are created by humans (often created by polygamists and slaveowners – just read their books to find out).

  • [email protected]

    Rabbi It’s OK to eat Soy.Dick on the other hand will make you boys gay,but then again you are vegetarians.

  • Teleny

    I like soy, boys & girls.

  • Kieran

    Please explain how reporting on a specific homophobic ignoramus within Judaism is indicative of some nefarious anti-semitic plot on this website.

  • Jerry12

    Belief in “Gods” (That’s right – PLURAL); Originated with early MAN out of “Fear of the Unknown”. As time went on, Man learned what caused Lightning and subsequent Thunder; That if you walked (And Sailed) far enough, you would not fall off the edge of the Earth, but get back to where you started from; The Sun does not rotate around the Earth; “Dead People do not come back to “Life”, but people in a Coma frequently do”.

    In spite of all of the evidence that early Man was incorrect in the God business, some men found that that such beliefs could be foisted onto groups of people to the financial advantage of the foistor. The Roman Catholic Church is a perfect example of such an organization. In it’s early years, the “Church” Killed it’s detractors by Hanging, Burning at a Stake, or pulling legs and arms off. Today, their power comes from “Fear of the Unknown”. It is “But what if we are right?” argument. A real GOD would not need intermediaries to get It’s story out there.

    But first and foremost, a simple question of what is the purpose of a “God”?

  • Bozen

    I…..eat soy.

  • Bob LaBlah

    “Heeb Magazine”?………..I can only imagine where the late Archie Bunker would take that link to in his rants about humans and religion.

    Considering how diets were a LOT different back in B.C. I wonder did soy beans have anything to do with the triumphs of Alexander the Great. Or is the calamity limited to only Jews? I now feel so sorry for those jews who left Egypt with Moses and ate what was available knowing no better.

  • queerty1958

    I love these comedy articles!

  • FStratford

    Can someone explain re: criticizing this rabbi and claims of anti-semitism? Is he a leader of a really big jewish group and therefore represent the Jewish mainstream? (e.g. like the Pope to catholics)

  • DarkZephyr

    @anytimecowboy: And we gays know that homophobia is everywhere, even among some Jewish sects. So pointing out a homophobic rabbi does not at all constitute antisemitism. Please don’t be absurd. Absolutely nobody gets a free pass to spew homophobia without criticism and scrutiny, regardless of what they believe spiritually. I applaude those Jewish groups and sects that are pro-gay, but I also applaud those Christian groups and sects that are as well. Same goes for the Pagan ones and so on. But if a Pagan, Christian, Jew, Muslim, Atheist, Agnostic, etc is a homophobe, they’ll be criticized and scrutinized and its not an attack on the entire group.

  • DarkZephyr

    @FStratford: Even criticizing any particular Pope for homophobic views is not an attack on all of Catholicism or all Catholics. And no, this man does not represent the Jewish mainstream, so criticizing him is not “antisemitic”. Nor would it be even if he was a leader of the Jewish mainstream. His views are his views, regardless.

  • Cam


    Hi Kieran,

    My issue is that this website before it was sold told the readers that the Mormon church was trying to work out a deal with it and the owner refused. THEN the website was sold and under the new ownership suddenly started doing numerous articles that either soft peddled the Mormon church’s bigotry or even tried to make the Mormon’s the good guys.

    At the same time, whenever the Mormon church was being reported to engage in anti-gay activities, Queerty would run an article attacking Isreal for “Pinkwashing” After the comments attacked Queerty for apparently taking sides with countries in the Middle East that have laws against even being gay while attacking Isreal which had gay rights, they stopped that.

    Then the “Crazy Jew” articles started coming out. Where this site would not write any articles on NOM or the Mormons pushing multiple anti-gay bills nationwide, but they would find one nut job Orthodox Jew who didn’t like gays and write an article about him and in the beginning they would insinuate that “Jews” were against gays even though religiously that church in America performs gay weddings and ordains gay rabbis.

    Continually pointing out that the website doesn’t report on anti-gay activity by the LDS church would get an article or two, but invariably that article would have say things like “The church is reaching out to gays with their website” and then the link to the site would be there, even though multiple groups have pointed out that the website is nothing more than anti-gay rhetoric dressed up.

    So is the website anti-semetic or is it just that no Jewish chuch has bought them off for the same type of reporting that the LDS church obviously has? Who knows, a much more major concern for me is that a supposedly gay website seems to have sold out and agreed to carry water for a church that is the largest funder of anti-gay legislation in the country.

  • JJinAus

    Stupid old religious men wearing stupid hats making stupid pronouncements full of hateful bigotry. What’s new? For the delicate Jews incorrectly crying antisemitism, you are wrong. Catholics, Jews, Muslims, Russian Orthodox, Hindus, Greek orthodox, ad infinitum.All the same.

    It’s all stupid people. Don’t you see? Wake up!

  • jwrappaport

    We’ve flattened their fingers
    We branded their buns
    Nothing is working
    Send in the nuns!

  • jwrappaport

    @JJinAus: Great profile pic btw – glad to see other plane buffs out there!

  • AnnaMcManus

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  • Cam


    Overall your comment is right. The guy is a douche, as is the bigotry coming out of the Orthodox cult.

    HOWEVER, the difference being, out of all the other religions you mentioned, Mainstream Jewish churches which account for about 95% in the U.S. ordain gay rabbis and marry gay couples.

    My problem is the site’s ignoring the really anti-gay religions with official positions of bigotry attacking us while continually going after the one that officially supports us.

  • right0boy

    Soy vey gevalt

  • Fitz

    Cam is very much right– Queerty has never had anything nice to say about any Jew.

  • Hermes


    Wow – where to even start on this. OK

    1. Judaism is not monolithic. My life partner was born Jewish and raised Jewish, he went to Yeshiva (Conservative not Orthodox or ultra-Orthodox, but Yeshiva) when he was small. Since his mother was Jewish, he is Jewish, even though faith wise he left long ago. He will happily tell you that the Hasids are one more fundamentalist sect of monotheists. The variou ultra-orthodox do NOT ordain gay rabbis, or do much else for the gay community.

    2. Doing a simple internal search in Queerty I found 5 pages of articles on NOM. Just the first page contained 20 – so somewhere around 100 articles on the group. Negative, negative, negative. A similar search for Mormon turned up even more articles. Again, most of those articles were very, very critical.

    3. Doing an identical search for “Jew” turned up at least 5 pages or articles, nearly all of which are POSITIVE about the Reform and other congregations that are pro gay in Judaism.

    So, simple searches prove that your take in inaccurate. If I were you I would next ask myself why I was quite so paranoid. I admit, it is easier to start trying to blame or explain that you are right, but in this case, you aren’t – and you need to own up to that and think. Neither religion or ethnicity excuses a lack of critical thinking, and your arguments seem to exhibit such a lack in this particular case.

  • Stefano

    Now we know how to make a guy…gay. So if you have a crush on a straight guy, just force him to eat soy and wait ! It is so simple ! I like that ! LOL Seriously, what he said is stupid, that’s all. Next !

  • Cam


    Well a big thank you goes out to Starbucks and the Pumpkin Soy Latte I guess.

  • Cam

    @Hermes: said…

    “1. Judaism is not monolithic. My life partner was born Jewish and raised Jewish, he went to Yeshiva (Conservative not Orthodox or ultra-Orthodox, but Yeshiva) when he was small. Since his mother was Jewish, he is Jewish, even though faith wise he left long ago. He will happily tell you that the Hasids are one more fundamentalist sect of monotheists. The variou ultra-orthodox do NOT ordain gay rabbis, or do much else for the gay community.

    I love it when a stealth Queerty Rebuttal comes on here and tries to refute a conversation that never happened. I actually attached the Orthodox and stated quite clearly that it was the mainstream Jewish Sects which account for the vast majority of churches in the U.S. that DO ordain gay rabbis and provide gay marriages. Interesting that you left that part out.

    Secondly, I did the exact same search you did on the word “Mormon” on Queerty where you claimed all articles were “Negative Negative Negative” Funny right there on the first page were the following postings.
    How The Silence Of The Mormons Is Making Marriage Equality Possible “Which insinuated that the church was actively deciding in helping gay rights”

    Mormon Church OKs Allowing Gay Scouts, Not Leaders
    The article was written from a “Hey, this is great” rather than a “Hey, they are endorsing bigotry” angle

    Mormon-Owned Marriott Corp Sponsors “Be You, With Us” Pride Month Hotel Packages

    So you seem to have lied or at least exaggerated there. Makes your posting somewhat suspect I would say. Especially since you did the exact same thing that Queerty tries to do. In other words, you seem to want to pretend that the Orthodox and Hasidic branch is the main Jewish Church when they account for a tiny portion of Congregation with the largest being Reform, and the Second Largest being Conservative, which both ordain gays and perform marriages and account for around 90% of the congregations in the U.S. Funny that your attempt to ignore them is the same game that Queerty plays…..and in a post defending Queerty. My My, that IS a coincidence.

    Additionally, Queerty has posted Mormon articles after posters have complained on other articles that they were ignoring the Mormon anti-gay attacks. Don’t believe me? What is going on in Hawaii is one of the larger gay stories going on right now. Queerty never posted the Mormon anti-gay crusade there until they were attacked for it and links were posted to the story in this very posting. Even though the story was an old one, it took being called out on it for Queerty to seem to notice what was going on.

    That combined with the fact that the former owner of Queerty stated flat out that the Mormon church was trying to buy their way into access on the site and he denied them, only to see at first, articles on their Anti-gay activities dissappear right after the site was sold until readers called it out.

    But you know…nice try.

  • Stefano

    @cam : LOL i’m in a Starbucks, i just drink a soy latte and i’m GAY ! It works! It works!

  • Cam


    If you drink another you’ll be REALLY gay!!! Like Tom of Finland Meets Wizard of Oz gay! ;)

  • DarkZephyr

    @Cam: Cam, you know that I respect you and that I am not affiliated with Queerty in any way beyond being a member like you, but if the article above is about an Orthodox Jewish leader and its the Conservative Jews that we get support from (and I assume the Reformed Jews as well) why is it a bad thing that it gets reported that the Orthodox Jews aren’t always so accepting? Since the sects are so far apart from each other, I personally don’t see how the above article could be taken as a statement on Conservative Judaism at all. Much like reporting on a Baptist blathering on how gays should be put behind electric fences is no reflection on the Metropolitan Church of God, which is a 100% gay affirming Christian sect. Anyway, I hope that you are having a great Halloween so far!

  • Cam


    Hi Dark, Yeah, the Orthodox and especially Hasidim are nut jobs like any right wing religions cults and rightfully deserved to be reported on as the bigoted douches they are.

    My issue isn’t with an article about this bigoted ass. It was about the fact that unless they are attacked for it, Queerty seems to refuse to actually report on the major anti-gay legislative pushes that the Mormons, Catholics, and NOM were doing, but instead kept coming up with one story after another about some crazy nutjob Hasidic Rabbi who hated gays.

    Attack those guys all you want, but I shouldn’t have to post links and shame them publicly to get Queerty to run a story about the Mormons in Hawaii trying to push through a law that says anybody can discriminate against gays if they have a belief that homosexuality is wrong, or that the church is being investigated for violating election laws for their work in Hawaii, as well as other stories.

    That was my issue. Report on all the religious nuts they want, but don’t do it while excluding the stories on the REAL danger to gay rights.

  • Stefano

    @cam : if i don’t drink or eat soy products, am i straight? LOL

  • DarkZephyr

    Apparently the ownership change of Queerty happened right under my nose, but I HAVE noticed a bizarre change in how they do their reporting in many cases. Like that article about “taking back” the song “same love” for LGBT people as if it was an affront to all things holy and gay that a straight musical duo dared write and perform it in the firs place. Up til then I had only seen positive portrayals of Macklemore and Ryan Lewis by Queerty. And then that attack on those two girls that left WBC. It was just SO utterly weird and uncalled for. Its like Queerty is on Crack or something, lately.

  • DarkZephyr

    @Cam: BTW the above post was directed at you, Cam. lol

  • Cam


    Hmmm.. Well, maybe you’re just butch?


    Glad you cleared that up. ;)

  • frubino

    Our Czech people eat soy because it’s food for everyone and also belongs to the group of divine mana. All the people they live in a quiet table and eat like crazy.
    God to the people of our history cultivated soybean, knowing that he must listen to the commandments …. Why would God to people ??from soy at gays did? Because gays have on the work better so hands are without mistakes .

  • frubino

    Oops, delete it from the last iteration.

  • Stefano

    @cam : hummm maybe, but i eat sperm too ! Maybe i’m a Ground Squirel…because in French they are called “spermophile”. LOL

  • Ruhlmann

    First you need a good measure of fear, add a little ignorance, funny clothes and hats optional, add the ingredients to a church, mosque or synagogue, remove when half baked and presto you have a religion.

  • jwtraveler

    @Kieran: Kieran, I’m Jewish and I completely agree with you. I read plenty of stories about homophobic nuts and morons of various religions, races and ethnicities. Apparently Jews are no different. There goes that stereotype about Jews being smarter than other people.

  • jwtraveler

    @FStratford: There are NO really big Jewish groups. Jews are perhaps 0.5% of the world’s population. According to Wikipedia, Ger/Gur Hasidim are about 13,000 families in Israel, which given the size of their families could be 150,000 people, and smaller groups in NY and London. This rabbi represents that group. He definitely DOES NOT represent the Jewish mainstream or the majority of Jews as a whole. There is no Jewish leader comparable to the Pope.

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