Rabbinical Council of America: Homosexuality Is Still A Shanda

Orthodox Jewish views on homosexuality have become a topic of discussion in the media lately. So the Rabbinical Council of America, the largest clerical group within the denomination (Judaism’s smallest), issued some “clarifications” on the subject.

In addition to reaffirming that the Torah prohibits the practice of homosexuality and bans same-sex unions (yeah, yeah), the Council’s statement said “individuals with homosexual inclinations should be treated with the care and concern appropriate to all human beings” and urged Jews with homosexual tendencies to seek counsel from their Rabbis. “Equally, we urge all Rabbis to show compassion to all those who approach them.”

When it comes to reparative therapy, the Council says “we can neither endorse nor reject any therapy or method that is intended to assist those who are struggling with same-sex attraction.”

So homosexuality is a sin and if you think you’re gay, go to your rabbi—who won’t have any constructive suggestions on how to get rid of your feelings. But he’ll have compassion for you.

Jeez, maybe the Fundamentalist Christians are better—at least they pretend you can pray the gay away.


Images via Eyes Wide Shut/Peccadillo Pictures