‘Radical’ Queer Group Bash Back Behind DNC Office Attack


OBVIOUSLY … Transgender vandal Maurice Schwenkler, who was arrested, and imprisoned and released, for breaking the windows of a DNC office in Colorado belongs to the gay anarchy-y group Bash Back, which was founded on shared hatred of male and female checkboxes on forms. You see, Bash Back has done this sort of thing before. But last time it was to the RNC. And HRC. Any group with a C in it is a target!

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  • Rick

    (S)he is VERY cute.

  • edgyguy1426


  • Rick


    Yes, (s)he.

  • M Shane

    Some of the cutest guys I’ve seen are f/m transgenders. if they have tjust the right structure, with some m hormones, they’re really cute.

  • Rick


  • edgyguy1426

    Rick, all the transgendered people I know,(including the one employee of mine)- even those that just identify as the opposite sex like to be referred to as the sex they choose.
    The (s)he you use is just as tasteless as referring to mtf’s as he-shes.

  • fitz

    I think that the “she” is being used to assault and insult HIM. People get angry at vandals. Especially when goaded by a dismissive clip that implies that they did this all over check-box anger.

  • Rick


    Criminal is as criminal does.

  • DeAnimator

    It’s not about vandalism. It’s about Bash Back being a refuge for hipster shit college age queers who think they are being edgy (and who want to spend their lives drinking crappy beer out of a can and smashing bottles because they’re angry at ‘the gender norms’. Yawn. What a bunch of spoiled brats. That’s why they accomplish nothing except occasionally stirring up some trouble. They’ll eventually grow up. …Hopefully.

  • Kurt

    They’ll eventually grow up….

    Yeah, ususally to become corporate pigs.

  • Dennis

    Seriously, WTF? I can understand anger at the RNC, but don’t think that vandalism/violence advances any LGBT/Queer/Gender cause effectively…and I don’t beleive that most transgender/genderqueer people support vandalism or violence as a primary strategy or means to acheive equality.

    But vandalizing the DNC? Even the ass-kissing HRC? If you are unhappy with these organizations’ track records on gender rights, then protesting, demonstrations, etc, yes…but vandalism against the only organizations who would consider doing ANYTHING in support of you? Um, pretty short sighted…damaging their offices sounds like a way to have the DNC/HRC dump your tranny-dude ass, as opposed to working harder for your rights.

    Sorry if this offends, but methinks some of these former females are having trouble managing the aggressive effects that higher levels of testosterone have on the body/psyche…this sounds like some wierd version of roid-rage to me. Calm down, dudes!

  • roger

    he wasn’t unhappy with the dnc or with the denver democratic office. he was CLEARLY trying to make it look like rabid conservatives had vandalized the office; trying to prove that ANYONE who opposes obamacare is a violent terrorist.
    and the media and the establishment ALMOST bought it. until he was exposed as a democratic operative. fail.

  • Bill Perdue

    WTF Dennis? Anger at a DNC led by homohaters like Leah Daughtry, an ordained bigot and same sex marriage opponent Tim Kaine is the only sane way to go. HRC has only gotten it right twice since 1980. Their record is full of dinners, retreats (both political and to resorts) and betrayals. In 2007 they united with quislings like Barney Frank and some undisguised Republicans to gut ENDA. They were silent while Frank was bellowed transphobic filth.

    The only GLBT people who aren’t angry at the RNC, HRC and the DNC are the addled, simpletons and fools who believe that either party is our ‘fierce defender’.

    That said, these Bash Back folks are simply middle class muddle headed ultralefts. People like that start out as liberals, get swindled by hustlers like the Clintons or Obama and then proceed to have an extended hissy fit, sometimes for several years.

    When they’re over that bit of nonsense they’ll morph back into Dumocrats following the same failed path as the SDS weathermen faction who clicked their heels, howled furiously and ‘attacked’ Chicago in 1969. The Chicago PD loved it. If Bash Back follows the same path and gets seriously loony they’ll get hurt by the cops. When they get out of the pen they’ll revert back to being muddleheaded liberals.

    There’s nothing wrong with disruption as a tactic provided there’s enough sentiment to draw decent crowds. The first lesson of organizing is that if people aren’t ready you don’t try to do an end run around them: you politicize them until they are ready. Then and only then do you move on the enemy.

  • Dennis

    @Bill Perdue:
    Bill, being insulted by you is basically a badge of honor, as you repeatedly prove yourself to be an extremist who is unable to deal with the real world, a world which is unfortunately full of compromises and half-solutions. If you disagree with me, I must be doing something right, many on the site have basically said the same.

    A few of my faves of yours…
    “Obama is Nixon redux”
    “CVS pharmacy should be FORCED to distribute free condoms” (or something similar, it was about some racial profiling/ condom shoplifting crap)
    And your constant assertion that there is absolutely no difference between the democrats and republicans. (um, have you been paying any attention to the health care debacle? Which party actively encourages moron wingnuts, and racists, and is trying to obstruct ANY progress? No, it’s not mostly the Democrats, so guess again.)

    I’ll admit that you do add some (sometimes entertaining/ often insane) variety to the site, but as usual, you are long on complaints and bitching, and short on any real-world, concrete solutions to ANY of the numerous issues which upset you.

  • Bill Perdue

    @Dennis: I must be doing something right… What you’re doing Dennis is what you always do: lying in the street waiting for the Obus. Saying that isn’t insulting you it’s just describing you. Spineless, endlessly accommodating, you have no problem supporting the enemies or our communities.

    Your revel in it. The rest of us say no thanks.

    Now about health care, Dennis, try to get a grip.

    Try to figure out what’s actually going on instead of blindly accepting DNC soundbites. Obama, brave, brave Obama ran into a few bullies sent his way by Faux News owner Rupert Murdoch and now he’s running with his tail between his legs away from real reform and making deals with the owners of HMOs, insurance giants like AIG and Big Pharma, the gangster triad of health care (add that to your list). He’s had more than two dozen White House meetings with them but refuses to talk about what he’s betraying or what they’re paying him for it. We do know they gave him a down payment for his betrayal of $18.5 million in ‘campaign contributions’ and later we’ll find out about the rest.

    Obama’s latest is his racist decision to deny health care to immigrant and imported workers. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4qm4uLCFrP0&eurl%2F%2F

    Nixon redux, comparing your fearless leader to Nixon because of their common escalations of inherited wars is a regular theme among columnists and reporters, not so much among right wingers like yourself, but liberals and leftists. Google it and see for yourself. They did teach you how to Google at the DNC School for Shills didn’t they?

    And yes I’m all for passing laws to seize, without compensation, the profits of the health care Triad and their shareholders and using the monies they’d waste on extravagant lifestyles to finance socialized medicine and a crash program to deal with HIV/AIDS. Sorry if that troubles you.

    And finally, since you’re a pain enjoying Obot, heres a real insult: you’re just another pathetic sellout.

  • Dennis

    @Bill Perdue:
    Seriously Bill, your posts make this pathetic sellout, pain enjoying Obot laugh endlessly…and btw, it’s amazing that I have time to be both an Obot AND a ‘right winger’ as well, clearly I’m busier than I thought.

    Again, it’s a badge of honor to be insulted by you. I do beleive that in your own way, you desire to improve fairness and equality on the planet (as YOU judge ‘fairness and equality’ to exist, not as those qualities actually exist in reality, where business owners have some ‘rights’ as well, and where the profit incentive and the public good have to find some uneasy ‘middle ground’).

    Yes, I’m sure in your mind there’s a very good chance that laws will be passed to seize all healthcare industry profits. Sorry, but if almost anything you suggest actually comes to pass, I’ll know that the ‘end of days’ has occured, and Jeebus hisself is headed back to Earth to commence with the rapture, or some such shit, and by then, nothing will really matter anyway.

    Bill, you’ve been called out as a nut on this site and others, more times than I can count. Good luck with your plans, and I’m done. I’m watching the tribute to Sen. Kennedy, a man who spent DECADES of his life striving to improve the lives of people by engaging in practical, tactical actions and seeking common ground among different factions…not proposing some whacked-out bullshit which stands a ‘snowball’s chance in Hell’ of actually happening.

  • Bill Perdue

    @Dennis: Thanks for explaining. I’m beginning to understand the roots of your ignorance. You actually think that Democrats are some kind of leftists or that they’re more progressive than their Republican junior (for now) partners in crime. And you’re pro-business and pro-profit.

    Those truly stupid beliefs are what make you a total rightwing chucklehead. Democrats and Republicans are both right centrists, not leftists. McCain is a right centrist empire-building thug, Obama is a hustling right centrist and you’re just a pathetic right centrist. Who lies about the role of Ted Kennedy.

    Have fun watching the Kennedy drama. Trade unionists don’t have quite the same opinion of him as you but we’re not pro boss either. Here are a couple of items that may interest people, both from Counterpunch and both being circulated among railroaders and other trade unionists.

    The first, Teddy Kennedy the Hollow Champion is by Alexander Cockburn. Here’s an excerpt:

    Teddy Kennedy’s disasters were vivid. His legislative triumphs, draped in this week’s obituaries with respectful homage, were far less colorful but they were actually devastating for the very constituencies – working people, organized labor – whose champion he claimed to be.

    The second, Growls From the Wake in Massachusetts: Kennedy’s Sins Against Labor is by Steve Early, a trade unionist who spent DECADES defending working people from fakes like Ted Kennedy. It’s well worth reading. Early says “

    In several key industries—trucking, the airlines, and telecom–nothing has undermined union membership and bargaining power more than de-regulation. Kennedy embraced de-regulation with gusto and, despite his other differences with Jimmy Carter thirty years ago, helped ram through industry restructuring harmful to hundreds of thousands of workers and their union contracts. By 1985, as Kim Moody describes in U.S. Labor in Trouble and Transition, the number of workers covered by the Teamsters’ biggest trucking contract had been halved.”

    You can link to both articles at http://www.counterpunch.org/

  • fitz

    I know! Maybe they could through vim onto a male ward at the jail, and sell seats to all you folks who are so angry! You could watch the rapes and beatings, and bring popcorn. Wouldn’t that be fun for you?

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