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Ramin Setoodeh Will Hang Out on the Set of Glee to See Faggy Actors Up Close


Newsweek‘s Ramin Setoodeh, author of that terrible Sean Hayes item, accepted Glee creator Ryan Murphy‘s invitation to visit the set of the show and witness their “creative process.”

It’s all part of Setoodeh’s much needed public rehabilitation, which he hasn’t managed to do alone; his appearances on Joy Behar’s show and MSNBC didn’t go very well at all. And it hasn’t stopped the attacks — from Murphy, Cheyenne Jackson, Kristin Chenoweth, and your mom.

But now Setoodeh will be hanging out on the set of Glee, where they’ll try to indoctrinate him into the Gleek cult. Or, very possibly, it’ll give him a reason to pen a follow-up piece about how television’s fey gays are convincing California voters to support Prop 8 — which all started with, uh, November’s hit job onGlee.