give me a k(entucky)

Rand Paul’s Democratic Challenger Jack Conway Used To Wear a Cheerleader Uniform

Jack Conway, the Democratic attorney general facing off against Rand Paul in Kentucky for a U.S. Senate seat, isn’t just in favor of repealing Don’t Ask Don’t Tell (see above), but the straight married father of one was also a high school cheerleader.

Which means he’s totally going to stick up for little boys like Tyler Wilson, right?

Also, this Roman Catholic swears. At church!

These videos — which we found on, under the headline “Jack Conway Cheerleads For Gays In Military” — aren’t out there to laud the candidate (who snagged Bill Clinton to appear by his side on election eve), but tear him down. Which is probably why the website doesn’t mention one of Jack’s positions it probably agrees with: no federal recognition of same-sex marriage.

So that’s not cool.